Easter hunt

The New Age of Enjoying Easter Scavenger Hunts

These days, the old traditions of the Easter holiday weekend are seeing some changes. The fun of the day is certainly still there, but egg scavenger hunts are seeing some elaborate updates on the good old egg hunt. Here are a few new ideas to join the new age of Easter scavenger hunts.

Easter Egg Pinata Poppers

This idea takes the hunt work out of the hunt and sends the eggs straight up a tree. It also takes a bit of setup and preparation time, but the fun the children will have will make it time well spent. To begin, you’ll want to prepare Easter egg scavenger hunt riddles and small candies and treats to fill the eggs with. Make sure that the riddles send the kids to nearby locations to hunt for other eggs that contain a single word, that will then be used to find the final hiding spot of a bigger Easter surprise.

Once filled, hang the eggs that contain a candy and a riddle in the tree with an attached string to pull it open on one side. Hide the eggs that contain just words of the final riddle in the coordinating places. The kids will then get to ‘pop’ the egg pinatas hanging in the tree. When they pull the strings, the eggs will pull apart, revealing their surprise candies and clues. The kids can work together to solve the riddle and find the other hidden egg. Once all the eggs have been both pulled open or found, the children can piece together their final riddle, help each other solve it, and find their big surprise.

Give Me S’more Eggs

Here’s another clever new age way to use Easter egg scavenger hunt riddles to give kids a little extra fun this holiday weekend. If you think s’mores are reserved only for your summer campfires, think again. This year for your egg hunt, have the kids find eggs filled with all the fixings to make some springtime s’mores.

Begin by filling the eggs with small packaged chocolate bars, fluffy marshmallows or even bright, sugary marshmallow peeps. As this hunt works best for an outdoor space, hide the eggs throughout the yard. In one special egg, hide a riddle that when solved will lead them to an outdoor fire pit that has been staged with roasting sticks and a box of graham crackers. After hunting for all the eggs, they will open them to reveal

marshmallows, chocolates and a riddle. Once they solve the riddle and determine the secret location, they can get in on the fun of toasting marshmallows and caramelizing peeps on the open fire to create their very own Easter s’mores.

Provided you have access to a suitable outdoor space, this can be a fun way to spend a chilly Easter afternoon. Remember to always use caution with children around an open fire and leave the task of fire building to the adults. If your children are of middle school age, this will be the perfect moment to try this hunt.

The new age of Easter scavenger hunts offers so many unique ways to have fun with your children this year. Use one of these great ideas or modify it to make it work best for your holiday celebrations. Riddle Me’s massive database of riddles and objects can be a great addition to your Easter morning scavenger hunt and provide you with an instant fun activity for your children.