easter egg hunt

6 Unique Ideas For Easter Egg Hunts

Easter is a holiday that reminds us of what’s really important, but your kids just want to celebrate by having fun and finding some eggs. Most kids will be content doing the same hunt each year, but why not give your kids a break from the usual routine. Here are six unique hunt ideas to help you liven up an otherwise ordinary Easter.

1. Get the Kids Moving

Take advantage of the excitement of the day and make the hunt last a little longer this year by including instructions on the outside of each egg that the children must complete before continuing. Provide instructions to perform some type of simple task, such as do ten jumping jacks, dance for a minute or make a silly face. Once the task has been completed, on with the hunt.

2. Shopping Spree

This year, instead of hiding small treats in the eggs, hide tokens or coins. When the hunt is over, the children can crack open their eggs and head over to the Easter store full of items big and small. The kids can use their findings to purchase items they want. One benefit to this little shopping spree is that you can include prizes that can’t fit in plastic eggs, such as a new ball or rain boots.

3. Unscrambled Eggs

This type of hunt offers more thought-provoking Easter egg scavenger hunt riddles for your little ones. Include a hint to the location of the next egg within the previous egg, but instead of a simple hint, scramble the letters so the children must unscramble their clue first to make sense of it. Remember that some kids may struggle with this, so keep your children in mind when creating the difficulty level.

4. Midnight Hunt

For this idea, you’ll have to pick up some glow-in-the-dark paint to coat your eggs in or reflective stickers to stick on the outside of the eggs. Offer each child a flashlight or headlamp and point them in the direction of the hunt. The kids will have a blast searching out the eggs hidden in the dark, and more importantly, staying up well past their bedtime.

5. The Race Is On

Each participant in the egg hunt gets their own designated color and must race to collect all of their colored eggs. The first to finish is crowned the winner and wins a little extra Easter surprise. If there are too many people and colors can’t be divided, then whoever finds the most eggs within a set time limit wins a small prize.

6. A Creative Currency Exchange

Incorporate Easter egg scavenger hunt riddles into your holiday activities by setting up a coordinated hunt that must be completed in sequence. With increasing difficulty level, have the kids solve challenging riddles that point them in the direction of the next egg. When the hunt’s over, they can earn points in a currency that you have created and use it to buy their way out of unwanted chores or spend it on an ice cream date.

With so many great ideas to create a fun holiday scavenger hunt, there is no reason to repeat the same egg hunt year after year. If you’re looking to change things up this year, use one of these unique ideas to bring some extra creativity to your Easter weekend and consider trying out Riddle Me to instantly provide an awesome Easter Egg scavenger hunt.