Easter Egg Hunt

Easter might be fast approaching, but perhaps the weather in your area has yet to catch up. It could still be cold outside or maybe some unforeseen rain has put a literal damper on the occasion. That doesn’t have to spoil your kids’ Easter fun. Fortunately for them, the Easter Bunny has Riddle Me stashed in his basket of goodies, so bringing the outdoors inside is a cinch! Tons of indoor Easter Egg hunt ideas at your fingertips.

Simply set the Riddle Me program for an indoor scavenger hunt, and then hide some plastic eggs near each clue location. Voila! You have an instant Easter egg hunt. But don’t worry about making the hunt too easy. Riddle Me has a list of over 1,200 objects, so you’re bound to find hiding spots that even you didn’t consider. Make sure to give your clue locations an outdoorsy touch by decorating them with artificial flowers and green cellophane grass. Don’t forget to invite your candy critters! Little marshmallow chicks and chocolate bunnies are always a welcome addition to any Easter party.

Indoor scavenger hunts are also a wonderful way to engage kids with other members of the family. Since, Riddle Me allows you to customize the clues, you may want to create riddles that prompt your children to seek the help of a relative. Watch as they delightedly hug their Grandma Josie for helping them solve the clue. (Your in-laws will love you for this idea!)

Lastly, Riddle Me also enables you to create personalized thank-you notes, so as a surprise at the last clue location, prepare a card addressed to your kids from the Easter Bunny thanking them for joining him on his indoor Easter egg hunt. Then, let the Easter Bunny “deliver” the card himself by attaching the thank-you note onto a plush bunny!

Remember, the Easter Bunny comes rain or shine! So try out Riddle Me this Easter for an awesome Easter scavenger hunt.

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