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Create an unforgettable scavenger hunt your kids will talk about for weeks with almost zero effort, expense or planning hassles

Over 12,000 satisfied parents since 2002


"We printed out two sets of scavenger hunt cards, since we didn't know what the weather would be on Halloween night. One set was inside only and the other was inside and outside. It only took minutes to set up the clues and it was half an hour of enjoyable fun for the kids. I think the adults got a bigger kick out of watching the kids squeal and run from location to location. Our pirate themed treasure hunt ended in the backyard with an actual treasure chest buried in the ground with toys inside. People keep asking when we're going to have our next party! "

Ruth D.

"I can't begin to tell you how many parties (ours) and many friends have included scavenger hunts because of the program! I can't believe how much use (and fun) I've received from just one purchase. Really, one of the best on-line, leap of faith purchases I've ever made. I love how it keeps being updated and improved as well. Nothing bad to say! Super product!"

Ken F.

At the last minute, our daughter decided she wanted to add another game to her party activity. Oh yes, a scavenger hunt of some sort. And oh yes, it had to be very entertaining. So the night before the party, we hunted the Internet and came across Riddle Me. It was a godsend. I had as much fun putting it together as the girls did playing it. At first, my daughter thought this will be a flop. But, it was a hit and was talked about for days. Thanks Riddle Me.

Robyn S.

The program definitely worked its magic... We had planned everything out, printing all the cards w/ the riddles etc. and the morning of the party it was raining (we planned for the hunt to be outside) so we had to make a last min decision to move the party inside! we had to change all the clues, riddles etc. and thank goodness the program worked for us. We were able to change everything in a moments notice and all worked out great, the kids had a blast!! So thank you so much!! we are planning a Halloween party this year and I plan on using the program again!! :)

Sue S.

"I absolutely LOVE this program. I use this both for my daycare and also when we have family get togethers. Earlier this summer we had about 30 people (teenagers and adults) over. I split them into groups of 3 and we did a riddle hunt. They had just as much - maybe more - fun than my little daycare kids had doing it!!!!"

Garin W.

"Thank you very much for your help late last night. The kids had a blast today searching for their Easter Eggs and following the riddles. You are a life saver, and a MUST have for any celebration!!!!!! Thanks again!"

Charles L.

"My family and I REALLY REALLY enjoy this program. It’s one of the best purchases EVER!!!!"

Donna S.

"Thanks! We had a fabulous time on Friday night with the scavenger hunt created using your software: Three adults and 87 eighth grade girls at an overnight program in my school. You have great clues and the hunt was a breeze to set up, using your software! I was really glad I discovered you on line!"

Tammy H.

"My daughter had a Pirate Party for her 10th birthday and we did a Pirate Treasure Hunt. It was the best party ever! The kids absolutely loved the treasure hunt! Can't wait to do it again! Thank you so much!"

Leslie S.

"I ordered this and used it for my sons birthday two weeks ago. It was such a life saver and the boys had a ball."

Christy G.

"I found out about Riddle Me a few years ago. I LOVE IT. I ordinarily do riddles for my daughter for Easter, finding the eggs around the house, due to the fact up here in Wisconsin we have to do it INDOORS. Riddle Me has helped a lot."

Missy C.

"The hunt was a great hit!! The kids had a great time!!!"

Maryanne C.

"I just wanted to say what a great time my family had doing the Scavenger Hunt. My son is 9 and has a hard time reading, so this hunt accomplished two things. First he was excited to have to solve the riddles, second he read the riddles out loud and had great success figuring out the clues. We will definitely be using this many more times."

Rachelle C.

"I cannot tell you how much fun my 9 year old son had scrambling for his egg hunt. You really made a superior product! I am looking forward to using it throughout the year."

Allison R.

"Thank you SOOOOO much! I can't have an easter without the Riddle hunt!!! My kids love it!! Your program is AWESOME!!"

Barbara M.

"Thank you so much. It has really grown in riddles! I love it and I am so grateful to use this program. I definitely appreciate your kind help. It is truly refreshing in today's world. Hope you have a wonderful Easter."

Carol D.

"I bought Riddle Me last November or December and had a Christmas Scavenger hunt with my 5 children and 3 grandchildren. It was a lot of work, but sooooooooooooo much fun. I had every clue wrapped in a gift box in their pile of presents so they were completely baffled when they began to open them. Again, every single one of the kids/grandkids from age 5 to 37 had a blast as did my husband and I."

Cindy R.

"We had a great time using it on Easter this year. We had 2 separate hunts for the grandkids with gifts at the end of each....the different ages made it fun for all of them (ages 2-11,) & then one for our kids--all adults using the clues for adults! It was so much fun & brought lots of laughs (& the adult clues were much more difficult than I thought they'd be.) I hope to try it for Christmas this year. Thanks for the extra fun times!"

Jennifer S.

"I just downloaded Riddle me and I love it! It only took a few minutes to have the treasure hunt done. This is a great product. Great job!"

Tanya B.

"Using Riddle Me has helped tremendously with my youth ministry. Repurchasing was my way of supporting your good work. Thanks for the update and look forward to future Riddle Me fun."

Tracy L.

"This is just a wonderful program. We used it for an Easter egg hunt and all the kids there enjoyed it to bits."

Shari C.

"I have used your software for at least 3 years now - each Easter. I love all the changes you've made! It was easy before but now it's even better! I'm spreading the word!"

Mark T.

"We did three riddle treasure hunts this am, they were awesome!!!!!"

Nan K.

"What a blast, had a Easter Egg Hunt using your Riddle Hunt. Have 3 Grandkids.. Age 24, 7 & 5...they all had a blast. It took some planning so their clues-eggs did not get in each others way. Used different eggs for each kid ( camo..pastels & bright coloured )so if they happened to see one that wasn't theirs they were instructed to pass it by."


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Riddle Me Is Perfect For

Here's What You Get With Riddle Me

If you're reading this page, you can use Riddle Me. It's compatible with any computer that has a web browser so your family can be playing Riddle Me together in just a few minutes (CRITICAL for last minute party planning). Comes crammed with over 10,000 riddles for different ages, and scavenger hunt clues to save you a lot of money on amusing your kids or teenagers year after year. (There are riddles for adults so you won't miss out on all the fun.) Choose from over 900 locations in and around your home, school, or office for your scavenger hunts guaranteeing kids aren't visiting the same locations over and over. Over 100 cool images you can use as backgrounds for the clues, and even lets you use your own images to customize your game.

Riddle Me lets you create scavenger hunt riddles for children as young as 3 which makes for an unforgettable Easter egg scavenger hunt or Halloween scavenger hunt fun. Design hunts that are both inside and outside, or just inside for plan B when the weather doesn't cooperate. Even young children can set up a hunt it's so easy. Our program allows you to be in control over the time of the activity, because it lets you decide how many clues to print in a scavenger hunt.

When you're planning for a party, Riddle Me's extra features will make your life easy. Create party events and make customized invitations to print out or email out and have your guests RSVP so you'll know at a glance who is coming to the party. Create thank you cards to send home with the guests and their goodies bags. These two features alone will save you a lot of time and your hard-earned money on store-bought invitations.

Riddle Me features 8 scavenger hunt play modes that allow you to play at home, outside, at the park, or anywhere else! Print out traditional hunt lists, nature hunts, digital photography hunts, service project hunts, food drive hunts (great for youth groups), safety hunts to find important things around your home, and travel bingo sheets for long drives in the car.

How To Keep Kids Entertained
At Home Or At Parties With
"Riddle Me"

There are tons of ways to use Riddle Me software and I am constantly amazed at the creative things people have done customizing scavenger hunts and treasure hunts for their children, youth groups, and parties. Riddle Me makes scavenger hunts so easy to set up, you can print one out in just a couple minutes and have your children entertained for as long as you set the hunt for.

Got A Group To Entertain?
Easily Create Hunts For Teams

Using Riddle Me, you can handle party groups of nearly any size. You can pit teams of different ages against each other by having one set of clues for one age, and another set of clues for the same or a different age. Put different background images on each set of clues and tell the teams to only touch the clues that have their team's image in the background. It's that simple. Every game you create is unique. Whether your kids enjoy the familiar or need variety to stay engaged, Riddle Me is perfect.

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When you buy Riddle Me, we bear all of the risk. To prove it, we'll give you a full 60 days to put Riddle Me to the test. And, if for ANY reason or no reason at all, you don't think you got at least 3 times its value, we'll pay you back... no questions asked. That's our 100%, no-hassle, iron-clad, money-back promise.

One Of My Favorite Emails I Ever Received Was
A Request For A Refund!

Well actually, it was the email after that one. When I got the refund request it was obvious the parent hadn't tried our product. I told her I'd be happy to refund her if she'd like, but she really ought to try Riddle Me out first and see what she thinks. Her next email to me said, "Forget the refund, this is a great product. My kids had a great time and we'll be using this over and over."

It's A No-Brainer

We assure you that our Riddle Me website is safe, bug-free, virus-free, trouble-free, and parent-approved. Thousands of people have purchased Riddle Me software and had a fantastic experience. We know how challenging it is to plan get-togethers and parties for your children and that is exactly the reason why we produced Riddle Me. Your children deserve an adventurous party experience like no other. A party that can bring about unparalleled fun and unique experiences that can only be given by Riddle Me. So, if you think you've had enough of hearing them complain, "I'm bored!" Then do both yourself and your kids a favor, and sign on to Riddle Me now! You've got nothing to lose.

Huge Value

With thousands of riddles on hundreds of objects, you can't find this kind of value in any other product. Not only is a membership with Riddle Me several times cheaper than many activities you would consider for a single birthday or holiday party, you'll use this software over and over again during the year because of the nearly endless replay value. Just one game and you'll be hooked. Try it out today. If your children don't have an absolute blast, just let us know and we'll refund your money. We are completely confident you'll be using this product for a long time.