5 Unique and Creative Scavenger Hunt ideas for Easter

5 Unique and Creative Scavenger Hunt ideas for Easter

If you always do the same Easter festivities, maybe it’s time to change things up a bit this holiday weekend. Here are five creative scavenger hunt ideas to put a unique twist on the usual Easter fun.

  1. Crack the Code

Get your kids ready to be on the lookout for a particular pair of colors. When filling your colorful plastic eggs with treats, mismatch the tops and bottoms of the eggs, creating different color combinations. Then create visual cards showing color-coded eggs. Hide the eggs throughout your yard or home, and when the hunt is ready to begin, give each child a set of color-coded cards. They must use these cards to search for the identical eggs. Once they find a match successfully, they can add it to their basket and carry on.

  1. It’s All Mapped Out

Create an Easter-style treasure map of your egg hunt area. Mark locations on the map that either have hidden eggs or contain written clues  (easy to do with Riddle Me’s online software) that will point them in the direction of hidden eggs. With this idea, you can really hide the eggs well and make the kids work a little for their chocolate booty. They’ll feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of it all when they admire their Easter treasure.

  1. Pursue the Pair

There’s nothing better than new socks, and this idea will yield just that. Split up pairs of socks, placing one in one color egg, and the other in a separate color egg. In one color, leave a clue to the hiding place of the egg that contains the matching sock. Allow your child to search only for the colored eggs that contain the clues. Once found, the kids crack open the eggs and solve the riddles or clues that will lead them to the other colored eggs and the missing mate of the pair of new socks. If your children are older, you may need to get plastic eggs that are larger than the standard size to fit larger sized socks. It’s a great way to give them a fun, cavity-free treat.

  1. Monopoly Money

Another creative idea is to fill the eggs with different amounts of Monopoly or play money. Send the kids out on a scavenger hunt or a traditional egg hunt and allow them to search for and collect the eggs. Once they’ve found them, they can open them up to reveal the money inside. Afterward, they can use their monetary findings to buy candy or other gift items from an Easter general store that you’ve set up. Let the kids enjoy the thrill of the hunt and have the final say in what they get as an Easter treat.

  1. Figure It Out

Take a photo of a location where you have hidden your kids’ Easter baskets or another Easter surprise. Print the photo and cut it into small pieces to create a puzzle, then place one piece into each plastic egg before hiding them for the hunt. After the kids have found all the eggs, they can put their clue together and help one another figure out the special hiding place where they can find their treats.
This Easter try using one of these unique and creative scavenger hunt ideas to add a little extra fun and excitement to the day’s activities. Please Sign Up here for more scavenger hunt ideas.