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Unique Last Minute Gift Ideas

It’s down to the wire and you have that last minute gift to buy for that special child in your life. Can’t think of anything fun and wholesome that everyone can enjoy in their stockings this year? A Riddle Me Scavenger Hunt is a great way to get kids active and interactive with each other! Quickly craft a Christmas Eve or morning scavenger hunt to find that special present.

Create clues and lead your kids to their Christmas Gifts in a Santa Hunt this year! Or have the kids go on a great family christmas scavenger hunt, while the adults visit and cook in the kitchen! Create a hide and seek hunting game where each clue leads to the next clue until you reach the grand prize! Create teams for bigger families with smaller prizes for all teams and a big one for the winner!

So many awesome ways that you can incorporate these items into your holidays this year! Really any time of year is great for something like this! You can get creative with your favorite Valentine and lead them on the path of love, or at Easter create a fun and unique hunt for all the family to enjoy from young to old! Summertime, Halloween, Birthday Parties and Children’s gatherings of all kinds are great opportunities to create fun!

Riddle Me can turn a teenage pirate themed party into a great time by adding a treasure hunt! Or a St. Patrick’s Day search for the Gold at the End of the Rainbow! Let yours and your kid’s imaginations run wild with all kinds of fun ways to explore the many versatile ways our products can be adapted!

We have over 7, 500 riddles for all ages, 1,000 suggested locations around home, office or schools, plus extra features to allow you to do backgrounds on clues, create invitations, and thank you notes all in keeping with the themes.

Create a unique way to get engaged, a holiday party, an announcement for a trip… So many opportunities for creative fun! Riddle Me is your unique last minute gift idea that will bring joy and surprise to your family and friends.

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