Digital Photo Scavenger Hunt

Digital photo scavenger hunts can be a great way to entertain kids at a party or any get-together. They make for perfect brain engaging, socializing activities and with Riddle Me software, your job is super easy.

With thousands of items in our database, you can select what age your children are that will participate in the hunt and then generate a list of objects to hunt for and take pictures of and start the fun.

Riddle Me has several modes of play…

Play as a group

    • select the same items for everyone to photograph
    • everyone has their own camera and sets out to see who can collect all photos first or who can capture the best photos of the objects


Play as a team

  • separate into teams and give each team a different list of items to photograph
  • each team could have one camera or each team could combine pictures taken (make collages for art projects from the photos taken)


Play as an individual

  • make a separate list for each person of photos to take, this way you can develop a list to match the ability of each player
  • each person has their own camera

Once you have the list, you just need to make sure you either supply cameras for the guests or request that they bring one with them. With the technology available today, many people already carry a digital camera with them on their cell phone.

You could require that pictures be taken in a certain order or that they have to get them all in a certain amount of time.

Different ages
For younger players you might select a general topic or specific item that they could take a picture of, for example your list might include, something red or a cat.

For older players you can create a greater challenge by using conceptual items from the list. Conceptual items are a subject or idea that the player can take a picture that relates to it. Although, they must be able to explain how their photo relates to the concept. For example, their list might include “soft” and the player may take a picture of a cloud which looked “soft” to them.

That’s not all you get with Riddle Me. Click here for easy treasure hunt ideas using our database of 7,500 riddles on 1,000 objects. That’s massive replay value for all kinds of party fun. Holidays and birthdays and rainy days will finally have a brain-filled fun activity that only takes minutes to set up.

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