Scavenger Hunt Games – Perfect for Office Team Building

Scavenger hunt games aren’t just for children; they can be fun for all ages. One place where games are certainly a welcome change of pace is in the office. Most of us work with a group of people and spend some time bonding with lunches, potlucks, birthday parties, and all sorts of festive events. A fun way to add a unique spin is with a scavenger hunt.

What is interesting is that workplaces are starting to try to work the idea of play and challenges into work itself. This is known as “gamification.” Why not set the tone for a workplace that is organized around games with a game itself?

The average work environment has a pretty good amount of common items with which to craft an effective scavenger hunt. On top of this, if you are arranging an ice-breaker with a new team or group of new people, the scavenger hunt is a way to get them used to the layout of the office and get to know all the important sites and where to find their team members. On top of the normal ice-breaker questions (such as “what is your favorite food” or “tell us something only your family knows about you”) the riddles, creative answers, and collaboration between people will let your team get to know each other quite effectively.

Riddle Me can help you make the workplace into a fun engaging place for grown-ups and keep everyone there young-at-heart.

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