Easter Scavenger hunt

4 Tips to make your Easter Scavenger hunt More Interesting

Easter egg hunts are definitely a highlight of the holiday weekend for the little ones. A day that comes just once a year is a perfect opportunity for memory making, but the usual chocolate and jelly beans in soft pastel-colored plastic eggs hidden throughout your yard might be in need of an update. If you’re tired of repeating the same hunt year after year and you’re looking for some different scavenger hunt ideas for kids, here are four simple tips that you can use to shake things up a bit.

Tip 1: It’s All About What’s Inside

If you traditionally fill your colored eggs with marshmallow peeps and chocolate kisses, a simple way to make the hunt more interesting is to change up what’s hidden inside the eggs. Try filling the eggs with small bunny or fish-shaped crackers, or fruits like strawberries, blueberries and grapes. When you’re out running your usual errands, keep it in the back of your mind in the weeks leading up to the holiday to collect different things for this year’s egg treats. Search for small items like finger skateboards, colorful shoelaces, small rubber stamps, or even magic washcloths, that will reveal a bathtime surprise at day’s end.

Tip 2: Give Them a Clue or Two

Instead of the usual Easter basket and egg hiding, try different scavenger hunt ideas for kids. One idea merges the two hunts together and leads kids on a hidden egg search that will ultimately bring them to their goody-filled baskets. Try creating fun clues that will lead the children from egg to egg, revealing the next clue in the sequence. Once the children successfully find and solve all their clues, they will find their Easter basket or another larger prize at the end of it all, making their egg hunt more interesting and more mentally stimulating than usual. Riddle Me is ideal for this as we do all the heavy lifting here and you just print a set of clues from our massive database.

Tip 3: The (Googly) Eyes Have It

If your family is silly and likes to play jokes on each other, they may delight in finding ordinary household objects become suddenly animated with a simple pair of well-placed googly eyes. This, of course, also pertains to Easter eggs. Simply decorate a handful of the eggs you’ll hide with a pair of googly eyes, or one or three if you’re going for the monster look, then find hiding places around your yard or home that allow for the eggs’ little eyes to peek out. It’s a simple way to put an excited smile on your kids’ faces. Use the remaining googly eyes as the treat inside some of the eggs, giving them the chance to make a few funny faces of their own.

Tip 4: Color Coordination

This idea is particularly good if you have children that are different ages or have different physical capabilities. Get each child a different color bucket and allow them to only find the eggs that are the same color as their bucket. You can then tailor scavenger hunt clues, treats, and hiding places to meet the specific needs of each individual child. This can be a great way to add more interest and a little more peace to this year’s hunt.

Create fun and exciting new memories by incorporating these tips and ideas into your Easter scavenger hunt plans. They are all simple to prepare and easy to implement. Make interesting traditions and ensure that you add excitement and interest to this year’s Easter festivities.