Treasure Hunt Clues

Using Riddle Me software, you can print awesome treasure hunt clues to use around your home for your kids’ next birthday, holiday, or rainy day. Check out the home page for more about this treasure hunt software and how it works to save you time, effort, and worry, but here are some ways to use Riddle Me for awesome birthday party fun for everyone.

Clues to a Mystery – Who Ate the Cake?


  • There is a mystery to be solved. Who took the birthday cake?
  • Was it Mrs. Peacock in the bedroom? Or Mr. Mustard in the kitchen?
  • Choose the items for the children to look for from the Riddle Me home inventory list.
  • Give each child a printed page of all the Riddles Me clues (but cut out the locations above each clue). They should each have the same ones.
  • Let them choose which place they want to look and in what order.
  • They will be looking for a clue to help them figure out who it was and where.
  • In each location, you could hide a puzzle piece to a small puzzle that once they put it together would give them the answer. You could even have each player have to pick up a puzzle piece at each location and on the back of the puzzle (which you completed earlier to do this) write in large letters the name of the person who committed the crime. Maybe even have each player be a character so one of them winds up being the guilty party and has to do something in another activity.
  • Or, they could find a paper with a letter on it which they could write down. Once they find all the clues, they can unscramble the letters to spell the answer to the mystery.


Under the Sea Treasure Hunt Clues


  • Select “water” locations from the Riddle Me home inventory list, for example: pool, bathroom sink, kitchen sink, sprinkler, watering can, or bathtub. Hide a toy water creature in each location or a pool toy.
  • Give the children the first clue. Once they have found the creature or toy. Read them the second clue and so on.
  • At the end, the children could play with the creatures and toys in the pool or sprinkler.


Teen Treasure Hunt – Sing, Sing a Song


  • Prepare a Riddle Me hunt but select locations where that place is in the lyrics of a song.
  • For example, the first clue may lead you to a flower bed. One person might think of the song “Yellow Rose of Texas”. The next person may think of “Little Purple Pansies” and so on until everyone has had a turn. Then read the next clue, go to the next spot, and sing a song.
  • You could add the challenge to see who can remember the most words of the song they have chosen.


There are loads more ideas on the site for using treasure hunt clues to have a brain engaging and fun party for your kids. Try it today.

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