Treasure Hunt Ideas for Kids and Families

Use one of these treasure hunt ideas to make your next party a success.

Treasure hunts are tons of fun for kids and Riddle Me software makes it easy to print out riddles and clues for children to follow from one location to another. A treasure hunt around your home is as easy as selecting the locations to put the clues, the age of the participants, and having Riddle Me print out a set of fun clues you cut out and tape in those locations for the players to find. Each clue tells you where to tape it on the top edge and players have a blast running from place to place advancing through the activities. Check out the Riddle Me video on the home page showing how fun this treasure hunt is.

Neighborhood Treasure Hunt

Someone asked: I want to do a scavenger hunt in my neighborhood with riddles, the children would solve the riddle and get the item and move on to the next. How would this work with Riddle Me?


It’s easy to set up a scavenger hunt activity around your neighborhood. You can even set up different courses for different age groups. Here’s one way to do it, but once you’re familiar with the product you can really customize it however you want.

First, decide on the boundaries for the activity.

Second, figure out who will be playing, their ages, and how you’ll be grouping them so you know how to organize the activity.

Third, generate riddle hunt games with different image backgrounds for each group. If you’ll be using different yards and homes you might write the last name of the home on the clue card where the kids need to find the object so they know where to go.

Fourth, print each treasure hunt out, cut them apart and tape them where you want the clues.

Fifth, start the party.

Walk-a-Thon Treasure Hunt

User: I love the idea of your product but I’m not sure it will work for the event that I am planning. We have multiple birthdays, mostly adults, and I want to have a scavanger, photo or similar “hunt” that includes a one mile radius around my home. There are a couple of strip malls that include McDonalds, a Shell gas station, a bakery, a dry cleaners, etc. I’d like to have teams of maybe 3 people each and the winners will choose their favorite charity to give the prize money to. Is your product adaptable for such an event? Thank you.


“Out of the box” there won’t be clues for McDonald’s and specific locations, but with a little customizing on your part and you’ll have a successful party using our tools. I’ve been very surprised by some of the creative ways people have used Riddle Me. Here’s one testimonial I got that surprised me.

Just wanted to thank you for the allowing me the opportunity to become a beta tester of this fantastic new upgrade! We used it on Friday to create a Riddle Hunt/ WalkAThon for our elementary school. The kids were raising money to help hospitalized children in our community, and all of them commented on how much fun the Walk-A-Thon was this year because of your unique riddles. I got tons of comments back from teachers on just how great it was. This product made me look like a superwoman. People were commenting about how much work I must have put into doing it. They couldn’t believe that it only took 2 hours to create and set up a 20 riddle/7km hunt! This product is worth every dollar I paid for it!
-Karen K.

One way to approach this would be to edit some of the riddles by creating your own and on some of them put other things like “take a picture of something shiny” etc… You could print a couple digital photo scavenger hunts and then put those items into the puzzle hunt manually. You could even make short lists of things to do when they get to a riddle location so they have to do the things on the list and then go to the next puzzle location.

Hope that helps.

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