Scavenger Hunts Are Perfect for Church Youth Group Activities

You know the importance of helping youth get to know each other and keeping them busy and entertained, but planning a church youth group activity every week or month can be challenging. Youth want something different and like to stay active, but new ideas are not always easy to find. Scavenger hunts are versatile so they can be done inside, outside, or even within the community or neighborhood. And now, making scavenger hunt clues is easier than ever with Riddle Me. Here are some ways to make your church scavenger hunt a success:

  • Have your riddles and clues use the scriptures. Bible verses can be included in the riddles so they can put an entire verse at the end, or simply about the topic you’d like them to research and study. This lends well with having an activity and a lesson and helps to reinforce the lesson ideas.
  • Use the riddles to help them learn about each other, like finding a person wearing a school t-shirt, or someone who plays soccer. This helps the youth to look outside themselves and get to know the other youth within their group.
  • Use the riddles as a service scavenger hunt. If you live in a neighborhood that’s friendly, or with lots of church members nearby, have the youth go to houses and ask for service tasks, like mowing the lawn, washing windows, or taking out the trash. Then can then take pictures of themselves performing the project. This task also helps them learn the value of service and enables them to get to know the community members.
  • Collect items for the local food pantry through the use of a scavenger hunt. Have them collect specific canned items to donate to a local food pantry. This idea is perfect for the holiday season, as many food pantries run low during the fall months.
  • Involve the church members by having them carry or hold the next riddle. To get the riddle, they must learn about that person. This will help youth to get to know others around them.


No matter how you choose to use Riddle Me, be sure to follow the activity with a great snack and time to relax and talk about their adventures.

(Note, Riddle Me isn’t set up to do all of the above activities mentioned. Some would require customization on your part.)

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