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Resurrection Eggs Easter Scavenger Hunt

A Resurrection Easter egg scavenger hunt mixes together the fun of a scavenger hunt with the interesting and exciting story of Easter. Typically a resurrection Easter egg hunt will follow the passages located in the Bible, however anyone can do an Easter egg hunt. They are fun for kids as well as the whole family. Continue reading to learn more about a Resurrection Easter egg scavenger hunt and how to make a scavenger hunt for kids.

What You Need To Play

Typically for a scavenger hunt for kids all you really need is some plastic refillable eggs and something to put inside the eggs.

Start out by getting 10-12 plastic refillable eggs. Next it is time to make up the scavenger hunt clues. Typically a resurrection Easter egg scavenger hunt will follow the story of the Bible and use a set amount of clues. To follow the resurrection Easter egg hunt this is the list of clues you will need to write down.

-Palm leaf (John 12:13)

-Spices (Mark 16:1)

-Sacrament  (Matt. 26:26-28)

-Silver coins (Matt. 26:15)

-Gethsemane (Mark 14:32)

-Cast lots (Mark 15:24)

-Cross (Matt. 27:32)

-Nails (John 20:25)

-Vinegar (Mark 15:36)

– Sepulchre (Matt 27:60)

-Stone Door (Matt. 28:2)

-Linen Clothes (John 20:5)

Draw or write the name of each picture and verse onto a piece of paper and then put one clue into each different egg.

How To Play

Now it is time to hide the eggs and play. Begin by hiding the eggs in places they cannot be seen. Try hiding them in drawers, under couches, and other areas that make it hard and interesting to have to find. Once all the eggs are hidden, kids can then begin searching for the eggs. Each time they find an egg that is one clue closer to the big surprise.

Once all of the eggs have been found they should be given to the party game host who can then ensure all 12 clues have been found. Once all 12 clues have been found kids can now have the top prize. The prize often consists of candy or some other great item such as a toy.

If there are a large amount of kids it may be better to break it down into groups. To play with groups simply make two different sets of Easter eggs and fill them both with clues. Make one team one color, and the other team another color and kids are only allowed to find their team’s color eggs. Once the team completes all of their eggs they may bring it to the game host to see if they won their prize.

Although many people play scavenger hunts in different ways this is a fun way to play a resurrection Easter egg scavenger hunt. Not only is it fun for kids but it is also fun for the whole family. It is a great way to get the whole family to interact and a great way to teach kids about the different stories in the Bible.
To add more fun to the event, hide the eggs using Riddle Me clues so that each clue brings the participants to a new egg location.

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