Safety and Security Scavenger Hunt

Dear Riddle Me,
I’m assisting the Security Department at a large hospital in developing a Scavenger Hunt to draw attention to “National Security Week,” in October. Do you have any ideas that could be tailored for healthcare workers to draw attention to security in the workplace?


Riddle Me isn’t designed specifically for this, but my father is a 24-year
veteran military intelligence officer and did security work in the military and for
years afterward. I forwarded your question to him and this was his
response. Hope this helps give you some ideas.

They could begin by making a list of potential security and safety problems for people to find. This would be as follows:

-If they have badges, look for someone without one.
– Forgot to wear it or is it a visitor without a badge, or, is it an intruder. If so, have them write down the procedure to follow
– If they are using a code system to call for assistance, do the employees know what it is and how it operates? Have them write down the procedures to be followed…
-Also, a check on numbered doors to see if those that are supposed to be locked, are locked.
– Do they know who to call for emergencies? List the names and numbers.
-Look for fire extinguishers that have not been serviced in the time required.
-Have them examine the parking lot regarding safety reasons i.e. are the lights at night all working.
– Are emergency lights installed properly and in the right places?
– Is there a guard in the lot checking cars? Who is the security officer and what is his number to call?
– Look for equipment in the hallways that might be a safety concern.
-Are the floors wet and slippery and there is no sign saying CAUTION, WET FLOORS?
-They could take the list of items in a large first aid kit and assign each person to bring one or two of those items to the meeting room where an accounting could be made. Look for broken ceiling title which could let dust into the area.

I am not certain just where they want to go with this hunt. They could even scavenge for something to eat (i.e. cookies, cake, candy bar, soft drink, gum etc.) The list could go on and on.. Even a necktie, slippers, bath robe, soap, tooth brush, toothpaste… The list is endless… Pencil, pen, pad..etc..etc.. To keep everything in the safety category to scavenge for would be severely limited.

Thanks for your tips and going the “extra mile” to contact your Father.
I sincerely appreciate your time and attention to detail. Unfortunately, it’s rare and always “stands out!” As an owner of a customer service consulting company, I would easily give you an A+ for going above and beyond!

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