Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger Hunt: A Perfect Game to Have Ultimate Fun

Have you ever participated in a game that requires you to find things in life? No, I’m not talking about a game on your phone. I am talking about an old fashioned scavenger hunt. This game is amazingly fun when playing with 4 or more teams. There are different kinds of scavenger hunts. For example, there are the ones you play against other teams, one you send a loved one on, or even create a treasure hunt from a scavenger hunt. If you have never heard of it let me tell you a bit about it.

A scavenger hunt is a game of groups racing to find objects on a list or a solution on a card with riddle clues. The first one to find all the items wins. Yes, there is more to the game than just finding things. It’s a race against the other teams to find the most objects. It can be either the first team to collect all the items or it can be the team that collected the most before time runs out.

Having a group of people rushing to gather items from the scavenger hunt clues is a test of mind and speed. Each player starts off with a riddle card. They read the card and try to figure out what the item is from that riddle. It’s a thrilling and exciting game if you are a truly competitive player. One way to make the game more interesting would be to make sure there is only one of each object to find. For example, if someone had to find a certain type of pencil then there would be the only one available for all groups to find.

There are many people who send a loved one on scavenger hunts. They create a step by step process to lead someone to their goal. Have you ever heard of someone who leads their girlfriend on a scavenger hunt? They lead them to the salon to get her hair done which was already paid for. Then he leads her to a store where a dress was already picked out and bought for her, which he also included shoes. Then the next place he leads her was a nail place to get pampered. Each place he sent her was already waiting for her. Each person handed her a scavenger clue to the next place on a piece of paper. At the end, he leads her to a canopy area in the park full of people and the path was completely covered in flowers. There he purposed to her in front everyone she knew. There are many different types of scavenger hunts and they are all filled with thrill and excitement.

Next time there is an offer to go on a scavenger hunt with friends, accept it and enjoy the excitement. Even if it is a surprise scavenger hunt and someone you know left you a clue, follow the directions and see where it will take you. So, if you want to have an exciting weekend with your friends, family or partner, sign up!