Enjoy a Valentines Scavenger Hunt

It has been a long cold winter and the kids are ready for something fun and unique. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to relieve the boredom by playing indoor Valentines scavenger hunt games. No matter what age we are, February 14th means romance, and a scavenger hunt to find a gift is a great way to bring people together.

Customize your invitations with cupid shooting an arrow through a heart, and request that invitees RSVP so you know who is going to be joining in the fun. Select plenty of different locations around your home to place love-inspired clues or riddles. With the many options that Riddle Me offers, planning a hunt for children or teens is simple and easy.

Flowers are always popular on this holiday and can be used as a location in the hunt or as a clue. Those tiny heart-shaped candies with messages inscribed can be a treat when found by the searchers. You can even use a “kiss” theme for the hunt. Place a frog image at a location and use a riddle such as “kiss this and your prince or princess will guide you to the next clue”, or make a lipstick imprint of a kiss on a card and use that as the next clue in the hunt.

Use cut-out hearts or chocolate candies at every location in the game, or have a big box of candy or bouquet of flowers as the final objective of the search. Allow the girls to each take a flower home and the boys a piece of candy as a reward.

As a final treat for the young guests; have goodie bags ready and filled with various Valentine themed candies, trinkets and stickers. Create custom thank you cards and place one in each bag. With Riddle Me, your Valentines scavenger hunt is sure to be a success.

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