Reveal your Family Vacation with a Treasure Hunt Game

With spring vacation just around the corner, you may have already begun working on your travel plans for the family.  A cruise? Walt Disney World? A road trip?  A cross-country flight to visit the grandparents?

Anticipation is one of the best parts of a vacation, and there’s no better way to build the anticipation than with treasure hunt games using Riddle Me. You can reveal the vacation weeks in advance, or you can just tell them to plan on a vacation, and you’ll tell them when you get a little bit closer to the departure date.  Imagine the excitement on your child’s face when they find the last clue and discover plane tickets, or a photo of Mickey Mouse.

With Riddle Me, it’s quick and easy!  Set up your clues and riddles, and print the cards.  You can customize the clues with pictures and themes related to your vacation, or you can keep the theme quiet until you get to the final location!

Then, just gather the family for an evening game night, and suggest a scavenger hunt. You can divide the children up into teams, or pit the guys against the gals.  By solving riddles, they keep their brains engaged in the individual clues, all while looking for that final treasure!

Be sure to have the video camera running when someone gets to the final clue, you’ll want to record the excitement and cheering when they begin to discover what the treasure hunt game was really all about.

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  1. i am planning a surprise family vacation for May and will like to do a treasure hunt for easter to reveal it to my kids

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