Awesome 80s Scavenger Hunt

Dust off those old cassette tapes and 8 tracks and put on those leg warmers. It’s time to moonwalk your way back to an era of Bowie and big hair with an 80’s inspired scavenger hunt. With the help of the Riddle Me software, you can customize your own scavenger hunt games that will take you and your guests on a radical ride through 80’s pop culture.

Create your scavenger hunt list by choosing from the selection of objects listed in the Riddle Me program. Then, for an 80’s twist, check your attic or garage for the object’s retro counterpart. For instance, if you have “clock” as one of your search objects, you might pull out that New Kids on the Block alarm clock stashed in your closet. Personalize the hunt by incorporating your most iconic 80’s memorabilia. You’ll also enjoy customizing the riddles for each item. Riddle Me Scavenger Hunt software gives you the option to create your own riddle clues, so why not throw in some vintage vernacular and 80’s appropriate references for the occasion?

For even more fun, set up corresponding 80’s activities at each of the clue locations. If you have “brush” listed as an item, have a station near its place, where guests can tease and spray color their hair. You can hold 80’s movie charades by the television or have a lip synch contest at the boom box. Don’t forget a to capture the moment with your vintage polaroid at the camera location!

And of course, remember to reward your guests for their search efforts. Prizes can range from rubik’s cube key chains to slap bracelets. Also be sure to give a grand prize to the first person or team that completes the scavenger hunt. They might enjoy a dvd copy of their favorite 80’s movie.

So whether you’re a kid who wants to “flashdance” or an adult who wants to indulge their nostalgia, Riddle Me is sure to help create a scavenger hunt that will have your guests partying like it’s 1986!

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