Creative Scavenger Hunt Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

Break out the bagpipes and gather all your lads and lasses for a St. Patrick’s Day celebration! St. Patrick’s Day is the one time of the year when anyone can enjoy the luck of the Irish. However, the fun doesn’t have to end after the parade. Thanks to Riddle Me, you can send your party guests on an adventure through the Emerald Isle with these creative scavenger hunt ideas:

  • Catch the Leprechaun: In this game, kids will be chasing after a mischievous leprechaun, who has been hiding in your home. Create a riddle hunt from “the leprechaun” to guide your guests on their search. Clue locations can be decorated in four-leaf clovers to show that the leprechaun has visited that spot. At the last clue location, give your guests the opportunity to “catch” him with little leprechaun figurines. For a tasty treat at the end of the rainbow, create “pots of gold” filled with chocolate gold coins.
  • St. Patrick’s Day Snake Hunt: According to popular folklore, St. Patrick is said to have chased all the snakes out of Ireland, which is exactly what your guests will be doing on this scavenger hunt. Place rubber snakes at each clue location for guests to collect as proof that they’ve found every object. For extra fun on the scavenger hunt, let each guest decorate their own shillelagh (walking stick) prior to their quest. These can be made out of extra long cardboard tubes. You can also use this activity as an opportunity to tell them the legend of how St. Patrick’s walking stick turned into a real tree.
  • Ireland Trivia Game: For older guests, you can create a scavenger hunt that will immerse them in the rich history and culture of Ireland. Since Riddle Me gives you the option to personalize the search list, select objects for your hunt that pertain to important Irish historical events, figures or lore. Then, leave shamrock-shaped trivia cards to explain their relevance to the Celtic culture. Or if you choose the Riddle Me option of holding your scavenger hunt outdoors, you may select a stone to represent the famed Blarney Stone. (Kissing it is optional!)

Don’t go green trying to come up with fun ideas for your party. With Riddle Me, you can create St. Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt games that will have your guests jigging for joy.

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