Easter Scavenger Hunts

Not-So-Traditional Easter Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Egg hunts have always been a momentous occasion for children on Easter Sunday. Children look forward to searching for brightly colored plastic eggs with little treats or treasures inside. But following the same set of rules and games can make you tired and bored of the traditional egg hunt. We want you to try something new this year for your annual Easter scavenger hunt and so, here we are with some great ideas to put a non-traditional spin on this fun tradition.

Find it and Start Building

One great idea for a not-so-traditional Easter egg hunt is to fill the plastic eggs with the pieces of a Lego construction kit or a jigsaw puzzle. Not only will the kids enjoy their time hunting and searching for the hidden eggs, but afterward when the eggs have all been found, the kids will have added fun of constructing something from their findings.

This particular type of egg hunt could also be a good idea for a scavenger hunt party. Purchase two kits or puzzles and place the pieces for one puzzle inside eggs of one color. Place the pieces for the other in eggs of another color. The children can then be divided into two teams that must search for their team’s colored eggs. When the team finds all their eggs, the children must help one another to build from their uncovered treasure. Just be sure to record the number of eggs you’ve hidden so that you can find them all. There’s nothing more frustrating than a puzzle missing a piece!

Night Owl’s Egg Hunt

Another unique idea for an egg hunt is to have a night time egg hunt. Simply crack some small glow sticks or bendable glow bracelets and put them inside the eggs with other small candies or treats, and then hide them throughout your yard or house in the evening. When night falls, bundle the kids up and take them out or let them loose in your darkened home and watch as they scavenge for brightly colored glowing eggs. It will be so different from the usual egg hunt that it will surely be a hoot.

From Hunting and Gathering to Farming

This idea is best suited to nature lovers in the group. Place seed packets, large seeds and garden markers inside your plastic eggs before hiding them. After the children have gone on their scavenger hunt and have found and gathered all the eggs, they can carefully open them to reveal the beginnings to their very own garden. You can then help them plant their seeds and start their very own small vegetable or herb garden, flower bed or potted garden with their findings.
If you’d like to add some unique fun to your usual Easter egg hunt this year, you can try adding one of these ideas to your holiday plans or adapt or build upon one of these suggestions to make it your own. Riddle Me can help you create the best activities and events for your kid’s scavenger hunt parties. No matter what you choose, your kids are sure to have a good time with your not-so-traditional take on an Easter favorite.