Inside Scavenger Hunt for Long Winter Days

Once the excitement and joy of the holiday season is over, the reality sets in that it is going to be a long, long winter. Maybe you live in a snowy region and have organized a sledding party. Old man winter decides to make a visit and a blizzard keeps you and the kids inside the house.

In just a few minutes and with some keystrokes on the computer you can have an inside scavenger hunt all set up to entertain them. Use however many clues you need in order to determine how long the game will go on. Great for ages 3 years and up, Riddle Me is a fun time for children and adults. Pick hundreds of locations in your house and use the dozens of images provided or customize a hunt with your own background image.

Maybe everyone is missing the summer outdoor activities and you want to lighten the mood with something a bit tropical. A Pirate treasure hunt is perfect to bring the sunshine back into a cold winter day. The kids will be delighted with a pirate and buried treasure theme. Choose from over 7,500 riddle clues to chase the dreary day away and replace it with the excitement of being the first to the pirate booty.

Outside hunts are easy too with options for your backyard, the local park or any outdoor space with objects from our database.

If you know the kids and maybe even the adults have been bored and you are planning a party, Riddle Me has everything you need. You can combine a hunt among ages by printing out appropriate clues and riddles for each age group. Decide what kind of hunt everyone will appreciate, create and print out invitations to mail or even email them to the guests. After the party you can even have thank you cards all ready to go along home with the treasures that your guests have discovered.

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  1. Thanks I hope I like this hunt needed something to do for my boyfriend bought his last gift today and wanting him to do a hunt for it

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