No-Pressure Valentines Scavenger Hunt Games

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and while kids love exchanging Valentines in their classrooms, there’s still a lot of anxiety surrounding the day. Boys are trying to figure out how to get the girls’ attention in a way that won’t get them in trouble, and girls spend too much time worrying about how they look. Meanwhile, you just want them to have a good time with their friends.

So when you get them all together for a Valentine’s party, the boys are in one corner playing one kid’s video game and the girls are in another corner investigating a girl’s stash of makeup. This is NOT how you wanted the party to go. But with this site, you can be prepared with a great diversion.

You just happened to hear about Riddle Me, the innovative scavenger-hunt creation software for busy parents. It only took a few minutes to create an engaging, customized scavenger hunt game with age-appropriate riddles and cute graphics that you printed out on your computer. Then a few minutes before the party, you set out the clues—since it is Valentine’s Day, there are hearts and flowers of course, but also goofy cartoons for the boys. You’ve also hidden the prizes: chocolate-strawberry cupcakes.

As you make the announcement about the game, you see heads come up in interest around the room. The girls put away the makeup and the boys forget about the video game. You pair them up, a boy with a girl, to search for objects as a team. They’re not sure about that at first, but when you give the signal, they’re off!

And you watch as they forget their self-consciousness and cooperate to decipher the riddles and find the hidden objects. They’re laughing and running and cheering with each find. And by the time they sit down with their treats, they’re relating to each other like friends.

With a great game resource like Riddle Me, a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt is no trouble.

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