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Indoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas for your Superbowl Party

It’s almost that time! Time for the big game. Your hubby got that new big screen for Christmas and he can’t wait to show it off to his buddies. But what better way to break the ice and start the party than a scavenger hunt. Clues about your favorite team or players will separate the men from the boys, or girls, for that matter…

Some indoor scavenger hunt ideas could be finding tiny footballs hidden away around the house. Clues about half-time shows of the past (never forget the wardrobe malfunction) and even jersey colors could lead to a spirited party. Maybe putting the remote control at the end of the hunt and along the way are chores you need done before the game starts… That’ll make for a memorable day. :)

Riddle Me offers a product that can help you personalize your party into a scavenger hunt for any occasion. If your party is for families, you can choose clues to suit every age level. Will there be couples at your bash? Maybe you can have guys versus gals. Do you want it to last during the entire game or just before or at half-time. With Riddle Me, you can customize your party to last for your desired length of time. And if you live in a warm climate, you can even take the game outdoors while preparing Plan B in case of rain or snow.

And here is the best part! You can mail or email invitations to all invitees, keep track of your RSVP’s, and create your entire event all from the comfort of your own little laptop. You can even send out thank yous for all the attendees when the event is over. Your friends will rave! You will be the talk of the town! Your husband will want to clean the house! And it is oh, so easy.

Find tons of indoor scavenger hunt ideas on our blog and get your party started today!

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