5 Exciting scavenger hunt games to keep boredom at bay

Winter lingers and even people who enjoy milder climates may be feeling a bit cooped up. If you’ve run out of creative ways to keep your kids entertained between the end of the school day and supper time, here are 5 easy exciting scavenger hunt games that are entertaining, challenging, and engaging.

Snack Time Fun. Find a kid-friendly recipe and assemble the ingredients. Hide a copy of the recipe as the first clue, and place the ingredients around the house for your kids to find. Once they have found all of the ingredients, it’s time to get cookin’!
A scavenger hunt in places your kids don’t normally hang out. Place clues in the garage, attic, and the furthest recesses of your basement. Mix up the clues so that they have to travel the farthest possible distance to find each item. Start in the basement and travel to the attic. Weather permitting, include outdoor locations in this hunt.
Hunt your way to supper. Place a small treat by each clue. Make the prize supper and you’ve got a winning activity that your family will be talking about for months.
Up close. Take close up photos of parts of things that your kids see every day and have them try to identify the objects in the photographs. Example: The brand label on the refrigerator or the rabies tag on your dog’s collar.
A timed hunt. Make a list of questions about a topic that your kids are very interested in. Give them another list of resources they can use to get the answers. Can they call Grandma? Ask an older sibling? Look it up in the dictionary? Set a timer. The kid with the most correct answers when the timer goes of is the winner!
Creating a fun and engaging activity for your children takes time and effort. Riddle Me takes that load off your shoulders and gives you an instant activity you can use over and over with your kids. Whether it’s riddle or list-based scavenger hunt games, Riddle Me is tons of fun.

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