Make Halloween Fun With Home Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Sometimes you and your kids might not live in a neighborhood that you want you kids trick or treating in, or maybe you’re not in a neighborhood at all! Perhaps you’re not going to be able to take your kids out for the trick or treating day in your community. None of these things should stop you from having a great holiday with your kids in costume, scampering from place to place with little bags of goodies.

You can use home scavenger hunt ideas from Riddle Me! It’s so simple and versatile that you and your kids can throw a great Halloween scavenger hunt party for them and their friends, even if it’s not out on the streets. You can use different sets of clues for inside, outside, or even different houses if you have to change plans. You can make your scavenger hunt spooky, fun, and thought provoking all at the same time, catered perfectly for you and your kids.

For example, you could plan to have an indoor trick-or-treat party where the kids will have to find and solve riddles, traveling around the house and gathering candy or other treats as they solve the clues! Parents or other adults in the community can give out treats or host activities at each station and make sure that the spooky night is full of safe fun.

With Riddle Me, you can streamline your entire party planning system into one site. Plan invitations with directions to your party, hunt locations, riddles for your kids to solve, and then attach them to objects around your home. You can even print out thank you cards for after the party is over.

Riddle Me is your ticket to easy home scavenger hunt ideas.

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