Home Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Halloween

Halloween is almost upon us and a fun activity for a party is to have a scavenger hunt. If you are hosting a Halloween party, then these home scavenger hunt ideas will aid in the planning for your awesome night activity.

Determine a Theme

Many themes can be used for your scavenger hunt. You can choose a mummy theme, a vampire theme, a pirate theme or any theme that will be fun for participants.

Divide Into Teams

The number of participants will determine how many teams are needed. Have each team come up with their own name to add another level of fun to the scavenger hunt. Put a different background image on each set of clue cards for each team and tell them not to touch the clues for the other teams.

The Hunt Area & Participants

Riddle Me lets you do a home scavenger hunt indoors, outdoors, or both. You can add decorations around your home or at the clue locations. You can invite your children’s friends or people from around your neighborhood. Involving neighbors in the hunt makes it extra fun and requires a little extra planning to determine which house the clues lead to. Talk to neighbors with young children about your scavenger hunt idea. Parents may prefer to have their children participate in a fun activity instead of driving around the neighborhood.

Be safe and if it’s dark, make sure the area for the hunt is well lit or make sure the kids have flashlights to see where they are going.

Provide Creepy Sounds

A stereo can be used to play scary sounds during the scavenger hunt. Decorations that react to any type of movement can also be an option to make the hunt more scary.

Supply a Hunt Kit

If you want to give kids a party bag to collect goodies in as they complete the hunt, you could also put the first clue in the sack (and maybe a glowstick or flashlight).

Riddle Me makes it easy and fun

Using Riddle Me software will make your home scavenger hunt ideas easy to implement. A trail of age-appropriate riddles and clues will make your Halloween a lasting memory.

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