How to Scavenger Hunt Around Home

Most of us have heard of scavenger hunts and perhaps even participated in one. However, the thought of planning and setting up a hunt may be intimidating. There are a few simple steps to follow and with the help of Riddle Me you will learn how to scavenger hunt in no time at all.

First decide if the hunt will be geared towards adults, teens, children or a combination. This will determine how difficult the clues or riddles should be and how much time you want to set aside for the hunt. Children have the shortest attention span and will get bored faster than adults or teenagers, so plan the time accordingly.

Decide if you want the hunt to be indoors or outside. Riddle Me has options for both, and if you decide on outdoors and the weather turns bad, it is very easy to quickly change the clues to accommodate an indoor game. Determine what the ultimate prize will be and select objects where you will hide the clues. Riddle Me provides an extensive list of items for both in the house and out, and clues to go with each object. To make the game even more fun you can choose activities for the participants to do at each clue such as playing charades, or answering questions about themselves.

Scavenger hunts can be played individually or done as a team effort. If you have opted for a mix of ages then team play is a great way to hunt for treasure. Group each team by age and print out hunt clues that match that age group. For younger groups, they may need someone who can read to accompany them to read them the clues. Then make sure that each player has a chance to figure out the answers to some of the riddles.

If you are hosting the family for the next holiday, a themed hunt is the perfect way to entertain everyone. Searching for Santa or the reindeer at Christmas, an Easter egg hunt or a summer time pirate hunt for buried treasure will make the get-together even more special. Riddle Me has everything you need for that perfectly easy and entertaining scavenger hunt.

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      Hi Gina, Riddle Me is perfect for that. All you do is select a lot of items in your object inventory screen, then on the riddle hunt generator, you can select a hunt for 8 year olds, pick how many clues you want, generate the hunt and print it out, and tape the clues to the objects. It’s really easy.

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