Christmas Scavenger Hunts

Christian Scripture Scavenger Hunt for Christmas

Create a Riddle Me hunt and print out Christmas related scriptures to go at each clue location. Read the scriptures at each stop and discuss the amazing journey Mary and Joseph had. Get a ready to go list of scriptures by clicking here for a Christian Bible scavenger hunt.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt Riddles

Hide your children’s Christmas presents all along a path of clues. At each stop they get a present or put all their clues at the end of a path of riddle clues as a final treasure. You can make different sets of age appropriate clues for each child or let them work together.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt Idea (from a fan)

Dear Riddle Me,
My name is Donna L. I am a mother of 4 from Biloxi, MS. I used your riddle me scavenger hunt on Christmas Eve 2006. I bought my nieces and nephews remote control chimpanzees for Christmas. I hid them in the attic of my parent’s home. That night all the kids opened up their presents and realized they were missing the gift from me. I had three invitations and made three teams.
Team one was my oldest brother and his family (wife and 4 kids)
Team two was my youngest brother and his family (wife and 2 daughters).
Team three was my father with my 4 kids.

I gave each team an invitation with their 1st clue in it.

My husband, mother and I did not participate in the game because we hid all the clues. So we split the family into the three teams. I gave them the following rules:
# 1 You will all start the game at the same time.
# 2 You can only pick up the envelopes filled with the clues for your team ONLY
# 3 If you happen to find clue # 20 and you are looking for clue #3 then you can not touch it.
You have to find your clues in order.

It was so funny. We had people kids and grownups running around like CRAZY trying to find the clues. We were all laughing and having such a great time. What they thought was the final clue brought them to the back of my car where they found small presents with their names on it. All the kids had KAZOOS and the adults had SPOONS (yes spoons, it was incredible funny) There was a note to attached that read. Congratulations, especially if you were the first team to find this clue. GET YOUR TEAM TOGETHER. YOU HAVE TO PLAY A SONG FROM BEGINNING TO END. NO SONG CAN BE REPEATED. so if you were last two teams to finish then you had to come up with different songs. Whichever team won the music competition would received the final clue. Oh my goodness. It was GREAT. Team three went first, then team one and then two. They all actually did a great job with the music. We laughed till we cried. It was fun. Team three won. I gave team 3 the final envelope which brought them to the computer. They have to check the mail and click on the message that had their team number on it.

I went to monk E mail online and e-mailed three messages. One for team one, one for team two, and one for team three.
The kids then held each others hand. One by one in single file, Mathew led them up the stairs to the attic. It was dark so they had to go slowly. When they were half way up I used the remote on one of the monkeys to make noises. They all started laughing and screaming. When they finally made it to the top of the stairs. There it was 9 chimps stacked up like a pyramid. EVERYONE LOVED IT. It was a great success. Thank you for helping me make this Christmas Eve Party one that will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN.
Donna L.
P.S. You made it so easy for me to set up the scavenger hunt with the riddles. Everyone had so much fun and thought I was so clever how I came up with it. :-) LOL… I told my family that they needed to thank Riddle Me. So thank you Riddle Me from my entire family.

Advent Christmas Treasure Hunt Activity

We have had a lot of fun with the Riddle Me program. For a twist at Christmas this year, we sent the kids on a mini hunt (3 clues) each day to find the next piece to go on the Nativity Advent Calendar. They LOVED it.

Ellen L.