How to create Harry Potter wands for your next party

Make Harry Potter wands for your next party and have a stupifyingly good time! It’s perfect fun to go along with your Harry Potter scavenger hunt (click to see how easy it is to make one with Riddle Me). Then have participants duel it out in the back yard and see who is king of the incantation!

Step 1: Gather your materials, chopsticks, beads, hot glue, and paint.
Step 2: Apply hot glue to the chopstick
Step 3: Apply beads to the glue (color doesn’t matter)
Step 4: Shape the wand

Take advantage of how runny the glue is while it’s hot to make neat handles

You can roll almost cold glue between your hands to shape it more

Step 5: Roll beads on

For extra effect, add mini beads while the glue is hot and press them slightly into the glue.

Step 6: Let wands cool
Step 7: Paint your wands

Using different shades of paint, paint your new Harry Potter wands. You can just buy a couple colors like white and brown and mix them slightly to get different shades.

Step 8: Let dry
Step 9: Identify your wand (optional)

For a list of woods and cores for Harry Potter wands, check out this great page which lists them along with fun explanations of what each means:


With your new Harry Potter wands, head to your dueling space and let the spells fly. Remember, swish and flick!

IncantationResulting Effect
AccioSummons an object
AlohomoraOpens locked objects
ApareciumReveals invisible ink
Avada KadavraMurders opponent (Unforgivable)
AviforsTurns small objects into birds.
AvisLaunches birds from your wand
CrucioTortures opponent (Unforgivable)
ConfundusUsed to confuse opponent
ConjunctivitisDamages opponents eyesight
DeletriusCounters “Prior Incatato”
DensaugeoEnlarges Teeth
DiffindoSplits seams
DissendiumOpens “One eyed witch” hump
EngorgioEnlarges and item
EnnervateCounters Stupefy
Expecto PatronumCreates a Patronus
ExpelliarmusDisarms your opponent
FerulaCreates bandages
FideliusHides a secret within someone
Finite IncantatumStops any current spells
FlipendoKnocks an object backwards
FurnunculusProduces boils on opponent
HomorphusLockhart’s Werewolf “cure”
ImmobulusRenders target immobile.
ImpedimentaSlows an advancing object
ImperioControls a person (Unforgivable)
ImperviusMakes an object repel water
IncendioStarts a fire
LegilimensAllows the caster to delve into the mind of the victim
Locomotor MortisLocks opponents legs
LumosCreates light at wand tip
MobiliarbusMoves objects with wand
MobilicorpusMoves unconscious bodies
MorsmordeConjures the Dark Mark
NoxCounter to Lumos
ObliviateErases memories
OrchideousConjures a bunch of flowers
Petrificus TotalusBody – Bind
Point MeWand acts like a compass
Priori IncantatumResult when brother wands duel
Prior IncantatoReveals a wands last spell / cast
ProtegoCause spells to reflect back to the sender.
QuietusCounter spell for Sonorus
ReducioReturns items to original size. Counters Engorgio
ReductoBlasts solid objects aside
RelashioReleases user from binding
RepairoRepairs Things
RictusempraTickles opponent
RiddikulusUse this spell and laugh to defeat a boggart
ScrugeDestroys ectoplasm (remains of ghosts)
SerpensortiaProduces Snake
SonorusAmplifies voice
StupefyKnocks out opponent
TarantallegraForces opponent to dance
WaddiwasiUnsticks an object
Wingardium LeviosaMakes on object fly

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