Family Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Create an unforgettable family Christmas scavenger hunt

It’s your turn to host the big family Christmas get together, and a mixture of excitement and dread has already set in. Your preparations will probably begin sometime immediately after Thanksgiving, and you feel a great deal of pressure to make the event special, memorable, fun, entertaining, yummy, and something that your immediate and extended family will be talking about all year.

The cooking alone will take weeks. In the back of your mind, you realize that having an activity planned that will include the whole family and keep everyone awake and off of the couch will make your special event a slam dunk success.

Now there’s a new way to add more fun to your big event… a family Christmas scavenger hunt.

Yes, that sounds like a lot of work…on top of the huge amount of work you already face. But what if there was a way to pull of a 100% foolproof completely amazing scavenger hunt that will have your family, ages 3-103, laughing, playing, and generally having the time of their lives, without you having to invest more than a few minutes of your time in the planning process?

There is a way. Riddle Me software offers a simple party planning solution that is truly easy to use. You can create an unforgettable family Christmas scavenger hunt that includes special invitations with an email option, themes, and age-appropriate clues. You can even use your own photos, graphics, and clues if you’d like.

Show your family that there’s more to Christmas than eating, opening presents, and napping. Give Riddle Me a try and create the unforgettable family Christmas gathering you’ve always dreamt of. Check out how Riddle Me scavenger hunt software works by watching our demo video and visiting our home page.

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