Have a Hoppy Easter with These Adorable Racing Rabbits!

Your kids are sure to have fun this year with a Riddle Me scavenger hunt andhoppy Easter games! First, send your little bunnies on a hunt where they have to find all the plastic eggs hidden around the house or the backyard!

Then, once they get to the end of the hunt, they can use all the items inside of the eggs they collected to make these adorable racing rabbits. And the best part is, once they’re finished, they can gobble them up since all the parts are edible!

Here’s how to make them:

Step 1: First, have the kids gather all of the materials they’ve collected from the Easter eggs. They’ll need rabbit-shaped Peeps, Twinkies (or a similar sponge cake), mini-pretzels, large marshmallows, decorator frosting and sprinkles or candies to decorate the wheels.


Step 2: Cut a small rectangle out of the Twinkie about 1/3 of the way from the end. (Tip: Use a serrated grapefruit knife for easy cutting!)



Step 3: Adhere a Peep to the Twinkie by putting decorator icing on the bottom and placing it in the rectangular hole.


Step 4: Take a mini-pretzel and adhere it to the Twinkie using the decorator icing. Place the rounded side up to mimic a steering wheel. (Tip: Cutting a small slit in the Twinkie will help the pretzel to stay in place)


Step 5: Add marshmallows (cut in half horizontally) to the sides of the Twinkie like racing wheels using the decorator icing to hold them in place.


Step 6: Add sprinkles or candies to decorate the wheels as desired. And that’s it! Now the rabbits are ready to race straight into your little ones’ bellies!



BONUS Step 7: If you want to make it even more fun, get a sheet of poster board from the store and draw a race track on it with a start and finish line. Get a 6 sided die from another board game and have each player roll the die to advance their racer. Put some fun “traps” on the track like “Eat a wheel – back one space” or “Wabbit Season – eat your bunny” (or maybe something less morbid :)). First one to finish 2 laps with a car left wins!

Riddle Me scavenger hunt software makes any craft idea more fun as your children can go on an adventure to find the materials they’ll use in the craft. Try Riddle Me out today. You won’t be sorry you did. Riddle Me has a full 60 day money back guarantee just to put your mind at ease, but this Easter, you’ll be “hoppy” you made the choice to try Riddle Me. :)


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