Celebrate the Season with a Resurrection Garden for Easter

Help your kids to learn the real meaning of Easter AND have fun at the same time with a Riddle Me Easter Scavenger Hunt and this easy-to-make resurrection garden.

Get started with the Riddle Me Easter Scripture Scavenger Hunt. In that hunt, your children will read about the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Along the way, you can put the objects for this fun craft so they can collect the objects cleverly hidden around your house or backyard. Then, after they’ve followed all the clues, read the scriptures, and gathered all their treasures, sit down with them and teach them the real meaning for the Easter season, while helping them build a beautiful Resurrection Garden they can keep all season long!

Here’s how to make it:

Step 1: First, have the kids gather up all the materials they’ve collected during the hunt. They will need: a terra cotta plate, a small (or mini) terra cotta flower pot, potting soil, aquarium gravel or decorative pebbles, grass seed, a plastic spray water bottle (filled with water), a few small twigs and a large rock.


Step 2: First lay the small flower pot on its side, toward the back of the plate.


Step 3: Cover the top and sides of the flower pot with potting soil to form a small “hill.”


Step 4: Fill in the front of the plate with the gravel or pebbles. Place the large rock in front of the opening to the pot or “tomb.”


Step 5: Sprinkle the grass seed over the potting soil. Spray it down with water using the plastic spray bottle.


Step 6: Using glue or a glue gun, assemble the small twigs into the shape of three crosses.


Step 7: Add the three crosses to the back of the garden and you’re done! Make sure the kids know they’ll need to keep spraying the soil with water every day so their garden will grow!



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