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Christmas Treasure Hunt Idea

Looking for that perfect Christmas Eve or Christmas morning activity? Riddle Me is your ticket to Christmas fun. It’s easy to create a Christmas treasure hunt with clues and riddles using Riddle Me, and then customize it for even more fun using one of these Christmas treasure hunt ideas.

This video mentions our former downloadable product. Riddle Me is now an online application which has more content and features, but these ideas are still great fun.

5 Christmas treasure hunt ideas mentioned in the video

Idea 1: Get small blocks of wood and a sheet of nativity stickers from a craft store and put the stickers on the blocks. You now have a simple and creative nativity set. Put the blocks around your home and make a Riddle Me hunt. Put one block at each location in the hunt and after your children complete the hunt, tell the story of the nativity.

Idea 2: This one is a lot of fun. At your local craft store you can probably find paintable ceramic Christmas figurines. Have a scavenger hunt where these figurines are at each riddle clue location so your family picks them up as they go through the activity. After the hunt, get out your craft paints and enjoy some family time painting and listening to Christmas music.

dea 3: Also available at craft stores, you can get a small wooden treasure chest and fill it with glass beads or some other “treasures” (I’m thinking Hershey’s chocolate Treasures at the moment). Tell your children that the wise men brought Jesus gifts at his birth and they need to help find the treasure by following the clues to the final location. Optionally, you could then let them open a Christmas gift at the end of the hunt. Christmas treasure hunt clues like this are lots of fun.

Idea 4: This one is a fun Christmas treasure hunt for the beginning of the Christmas season. Have a hunt for decorations that will then be put up around your home or on your tree. Letting your children find the decorations puts them in a fun mood and makes decorating afterward a great treat.

Idea 5: The last one mentioned is for a Christmas Bible scripture scavenger hunt. Following that link will take you to a page that has that one outlined and ready to use.

Whatever you decide, you can have a lot of fun with Riddle Me. These are just a few fun Christmas treasure hunt ideas, but you can come up with your own creative fun activities as well.

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