Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Adding Christmas Scavenger Hunts To Your Holiday Tradition

Christmas scavenger hunts can be a fantastic way to add a dash of excitement to your celebrations. They make for a fabulous new addition to your traditions for the holidays, whether it be for family gatherings, office parties, or private parties.

Get your creative juices flowing with some careful thought and ideas. Plan a spread out scavenger hunt which is not just thrill to play, but putting it together can be fun as well!

Here is How to Put Together a Christmas Scavenger Hunt:

  1. First, you’ll need to do the footwork. Prepare answers to the basic questions of where, when, what, who, and how.
  • Where will the scavenger hunt take place? Will it be indoors, outdoors, or both?
  • Will you send the participants to various locations around town? The possibilities are endless but with typical Christmas weather, you may have to keep it indoors.
  • When will it take place? Some scavenger hunts are quick, while some are drawn out for days. If this will be a family activity, will you do it Christmas morning or Christmas Eve? Perhaps you can make it last both days. This can also be an activity that is just done during the season for fun that isn’t the method by which to distribute gifts.
  • What items will be scavenged? You may just do gifts, or you can add some other treats to the mix (candy, gag gifts, or more tasks).
  • Who will have to do what? Or, will you create teams? And, finally, how? How will you make them work for the final prize? This is the tricky part.
  1. Second, you’ll put together the clues or a list. One way to do this for any occasion is to wrap the clue in a gift box. Another way might be to text it to people if you are working with older participants. The hunt can be completely clue based or you could start with a list and leave clues under some of the items on the list. Another way to make it harder is requiring a certain number of items on a list to be found to receive a clue.
  2. Third, organize your ideas into the grand plan. Finally, you’ll gather all the ideas and put your hunt together. There are some great resources for Christmas scavenger hunt printables online or you can design the lists and/or clues on your computer. Gift tags are also great to use for the clues. Make sure you have enough time to set all the gifts in their hiding spots and get the clues in their rightful place.

Riddle Me makes your Christmas scavenger hunt a breeze. You can easily generate a set of scavenger hunt clues that let you have all the fun of creating a hunt, without the tediousness of coming up with the riddles. Just specify if you want the hunt indoors, outdoors, or a mix of both, pick the age of the players, the number of clues, then generate the hunt, choose among the riddles you want for each object, and optionally add activities at the clue location (like singing a carol, putting an ornament on the tree, etc…).. You can even generate multiple hunts using different background images and have different hunts set up for teams to play.  Riddle Me makes Christmas treasure hunts super easy.