Halloween Special: Add Mystery and Horror to your Scavenger Hunt

Are you looking forward to add some extra fun to this year’s costume party? Create a scavenger hunt to add an element of mystery and horror to your festivities. This hunt will definitely spread an air of enthusiasm around you. Due to its scary element, the scavenger turns out to be the best activity worth considering for the Halloween celebrations. However, there are certain prerequisites to be taken care of while planning the scavenger hunt. Let’s take a look at some of these points of consideration:

Plan a Super Scary Search

To start with, this super scary search scavenger hunt needs to have a perfect ambience to reflect the scariness. All you need to do is decorate the play area, it could be indoors or outdoors depending on your selection. You may consider using spooky eyes, bat props, spider web, vampire costumes, monster and witches’ accessories, etc. After you have revamped the surroundings into a spooky atmosphere. The next step is to look up for the list of scavenger hunt items to be included in the activity.

You must ensure that the Halloween items such as spooky eyes, pumpkins, Glo-sticks, people in costumes, black cat, spider web and Halloween candy etc. are listed down. After listing these items down, you must chalk out the instructions to search these items. It is essential to understand that only clues for hunt are mentioned. For instance,
If I cross your path, you are destined for bad luck. For Black cat, I am all tangled up in your web of doom. For Spider, I ride on my broom and stir up potions to make things go boom – for witches.

After the teams have been scared enough and return from their scavenger hunt, welcome them with refreshments like hot wings, hot chocolate, Halloween themed drinks and much more. Update everyone with the game results and give-away gifts for the different segments. These could be for the team that found the most items or who got back first. You can add variation to the segment by letting your creative juices flow.

It’s all about having fun, right! So, you should not make tough clues that people get frustrated and quit the game midway. Similarly, you should not make the clue too easy or predictable. This might suck the fun out of the game and make it boring. You need to add fun to the game while keeping its rules simple yet scary. The idea is to make a scary aura so that everyone enjoys the game while hunting the items curiously.

Buried Bones

This Halloween scavenger hunt is sure to add a little scary fun to your event. Though you can modify the idea for little kids and different spaces, this is best suited for older kids or adults and large outdoor areas. First, you’ll need to buy some inexpensive life-size skeletons and deconstruct them down to their larger bones, depending on how many clues you want your participants to solve. Next, create a series of clues and questions. Sticking with the Halloween theme, you could create horror-movie related trivia or something else the children would be familiar with like Harry Potter movie trivia. Once you’ve gotten your clues prepared, head into the great outdoors to hide and bury the bones around your hunt location.

On the night of your hunt, divide your guests into two groups. Each group will work together to solve their clues. When the group has successfully solved their riddle or clue, they will be given a map denoting the location of a hidden bone or set of bones. They’ll have to find this or dig it up and return it to a designated spot to receive their next clue. The hunt continues on until one team unearths all their skeleton bones. Then, they’ll need to reconstruct their skeleton to take home the winning title. If you host this scavenger hunt at night, all the better.

Enhance this year’s Halloween festivities with a scavenger hunt that dabbles in a bit of mystery and the macabre. To make this Halloween extra special, order now!