easter scavanger hunt

Easter Morning Scavenger Hunts Can Be Real Fun

Easter morning is a great time to celebrate with your family and children. Whether you share a special brunch with everyone gathered around or spend time with your church community, hosting an easter egg scavenger hunt is a sure-fire way to put smiles on the kids’ faces and add lots of fun to your Easter holiday.

Here are some interesting ways to create some scavenger hunt memories.

Search for the Solution

Easter egg scavenger hunt riddles can create a unique challenge that gets the kids thinking and searching for the solution. In this scavenger hunt, begin by sharing a challenging riddle with the children printed on a card and included in their Easter basket. It should instruct the children that if they solve the riddle, they will get an extra Easter surprise.

Have them begin to hunt for eggs. Hidden inside some of the eggs will be special hints that will help them solve the challenging riddle. After all the treat and hint-filled eggs have been found, they can look at all the information they have and come up with the solution to their riddle, unlocking their special Easter treat.

Letters or Numbers

This is a great scavenger hunt for the younger children who are learning their letters and numbers. At the beginning of the Easter egg hunt, they are given a checklist that includes all the letters of the alphabet or a designated set of numbers, such as one through 15. The treat-filled eggs hidden throughout the yard or house are also labeled with the selected letters or numbers.

Each child must go out and search for eggs and when they happen upon an egg, they check off the corresponding letter or number. They must find only one egg for each number or letter, and if they happen upon a repeat, they have to leave it to be collected by someone else. This hunt offers a simple, fun option for an Easter egg scavenger hunt.

Get the Grown-ups in the Game

Easter egg scavenger hunts don’t have to only be about the kids. If you’ll be having a large family gathering this Easter, get the adults in on the action. Separate the group into two teams with a mix of adults and children. The adults of each group can create Easter egg scavenger hunt riddles that are a good mix ranging from easy to more challenging. Each team sets up a series of eggs each containing a riddle, that once solved, will offer the location of the next hidden egg and the next riddle that must be solved by the opposing team.

With a mix of riddles that are both easy and difficult, the children and the adults on the team will be called to task and must put their thinking caps on so they can be the team to solve their riddles with the speed and accuracy needed to reach the final prize first and claim victory. The last team to reach the end of the scavenger hunt is the rotten egg.

Try out some of these scavenger hunt ideas using Riddle Me to add some special fun this Easter morning and get everyone involved in the holiday activities.