Scavenger Hunt Games for Secret Agents

Calling all 007’s! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to throw an unforgettable spy party using headquarters’ newest secret weapon: Riddle Me. With Riddle Me, you can create scavenger hunt for secret agent games that will keep your favorite little secret agents entertained for hours.

The Riddle Me program enables you to set the mood for your party from the very beginning with customized invitations to recruit all your secret agents. Choose from the fun graphics provided or upload your own. For an extra “official” touch, turn one of the graphics into your spy agency’s special emblem and incorporate it into your scavenger hunt clues and party decorations.

Once your guests arrive at headquarters for your party, present them with your special scavenger hunt assignment. Create a back-story for their mission as inspiration for the hunt. (Perhaps a double agent has been spotted at each clue location and it’s up to your spies to find out why.) Each spy will receive this story as well as his or her first clue in a manila envelope marked “Top Secret.” Since Riddle Me also provides you with the option of writing your own riddles, you can take your story a step further and make it seem like the rogue agent wrote them. (Nothing brings out the inner-Bond like a worthy adversary!)

Setting the Stage for Secret Agents

Don’t forget to set some “booby traps” for your spies along the way to each clue destination. These traps can be in the form of mini obstacle courses. You could use colored masking tape on the floor to mimic laser alarm sensors, which they have to avoid stepping on. Another idea is to create a path of balloons or traffic cones they have to weave around. Make sure to reward their efforts by placing a basket of spy-themed prizes at each clue location like sunglasses or notebook pads. This will allow guests to collect tools for their very own spy kit, which they can take home at the end of the mission.

Hosting a memorable secret agent party for your kids doesn’t have to be mission impossible. So, why not invite Riddle Me along for your next special assignment? When it’s over, serve your punch shaken, not stirred.