Home Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Thanksgiving

A fun activity for families to do on Thanksgiving is to have a scavenger hunt. This is a great way to spend some time together before having a meal.

The first step is to prepare your scavenger hunt list. With Riddle Me, you can easily create a scavenger hunt using traditional lists, or have clues cards print out that guide players from location to location as they solve the clues.

You could also play hide and seek such as getting a plush turkey or picture of one and hiding it in your house somewhere for everyone to find before sitting down for the big meal.

You can also put the turkey image or toy at the final location of the scavenger hunt clues so your children solve the hunt, get the prize, and then enjoy a wonderful meal together. Other things can be placed at clue locations along the way such as feathers, mini pumpkins, candy corn, and decorations that fit the holiday.

If you plan to have the scavenger hunt early in the day, then hide a variety of food items that you can use to prepare your Thanksgiving meal. Tell your family members that the meal will not be prepared until all the items have been found. Hide ears of corn, fresh peas, or any other vegetables. You can also hide various types of canned goods.

Riddle Me makes easy work of setting up these fun Thanksgiving scavenger hunts. With thousands of age-appropriate riddles on a thousand different objects, you can make a super fun Thanksgiving treasure hunt for your children to participate in.