How to Make Alien Cupcakes for your next Party

My daughter Aspen is a big fan of The Cake Boss. She has become our go-to cake and treat maker for our home parties and I thought I would start letting her demonstrate some of her creations periodically on this blog. This installment is a quick demo of how to make alien cupcakes.

Items needed to make alien cupcakes:

1. Cake Mix
2. White frosting
3. Cupcake cups
4. Food coloring
5. Dum-dum suckers
6. Peach rings
7. Piping Gel
8. Candy Eyeballs
All of these items can typically be found at the local grocery store in the cake and candy aisles, but if you have difficulty finding the candy eyes they are also available on by clicking the link above.

If you don’t have cake tips or the coupler as demonstrated in the video, you can get a simple starter kit here:
Ateco 14-Piece Cake Decorating Set
You can get a set of 100 disposable pastry bags to squeeze icing from at this link:
Ateco Pastry Bag, Disp. 12″ – 100/Pkg.
These 2 items will let you make lots of cool stuff with more precision than a knife and a can of frosting.

It’s easy to make alien cupcakes and a fun activity to go with them. Just use Riddle Me to create an alien themed scavenger hunt and help the players find the aliens (to eat) at the end of the hunt. :)

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