Family History Scavenger Hunt Games

Family history scavenger hunt games present a fun opportunity to teach family history. Explore your roots and give your kids a stronger sense of who they are.

Your home and your possessions are full of stories about how your family lives and the values you hold dear. While you’re putting together your scavenger hunt, select items that are rich in sentimental value to trigger treasured memories. Celebrate each found item with an anecdote about how it fits into your past. Relive funny and tender moments. Explain how you couldn’t resist that serving tray shaped like a pig when you saw it at an antique shop on a summer road trip. Point out the old monogrammed dessert spoons that got handed down from your great grandmother. You may want to put together a scrapbook with photos and captions to memorialize the occasion.

Play genealogy games to go along with your scavenger hunt. Set out a big sheet of plain brown paper and some felt tip markers. Draw a tree and fill in the branches with the names of your immediate family and all the relatives you can think of. Create a simple crossword puzzle for each child highlighting their achievements and interests. Share the low down on your most famous or infamous ancestors. Pull out an atlas or a globe and let your kids find which countries your ancestors came from. Then, locate all the places your family has lived and the homes of your nearest and most distant relatives. Discuss your ethnic heritage including special holidays and historical events.

Go online for more ideas. Most local libraries have a genealogy section. Check out the available resources in your community. Plan an outing to talk with the librarian and delve into census records, old newspapers and more.

Round off your scavenger hunt games with a family meal. Serve secret family recipes or your favorite comfort foods.

Family history scavenger hunts are a great way for families to spend time together and learn more about each other.

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