Spooky Halloween Treasure Hunt Clues Adventure

Halloween Treasure Hunt Clues for a Spooky Adventure

Get ready for Halloween the easy way this year and plan a party with Halloween treasure hunt clues from Riddle Me. With Riddle Me you can customize an adventure that everyone will love.

It’s super easy to use and fun for everyone involved.

Log in to your account and select items you have around your house to include in your inventory. Then create a hunt by selecting the age of your participants, the number of clues you want in the hunt, and a fun background image to theme the activity.

Generate the hunt, customize the objects and riddles as you desire, and then if you choose, add extra fun activities to the bottom of each clue to get the children in the holiday mood like doing Halloween charades or riding a broomstick.

Here are some more fun activities you can do to enhance your Halloween experience with Riddle Me.

Halloween Treasure Hunt Idea – The Search for the Great Pumpkin

Like Linus from Charlie Brown cartoons, you could have a party looking for the Great Pumpkin! First, generate a hunt and theme it with a pumpkin background. Hide a small plastic or real pumpkin in each location along with the next clue. You could have the participants collect the smaller pumpkins in a special blankie – like Linus’. The Great Pumpkin they find at the end could be a large pumpkin with treats inside or someone dressed as a pumpkin who gives them a treat. Or let them carve up pumpkins into fun Jack-O-Lanterns.

Trick or Treat – Halloween Treasure Hunt Clues

The children will follow Riddle Me clues to the locations you select from Riddle Me’s inventory. At each place they will either find a trick or a treat. Some could even be a treat that is tricky. For example, it could be a flower pot filled with “dirt cake”, a plastic container of “kitty liter cake”, or spaghetti “guts”.

Decorative Halloween Treasure Hunt Ideas

Have the children search for and then hang your Halloween decorations. Get some of the little glowing pumpkins and other objects and station one at each location for the children to collect as they move through the riddle hunt. Then help them decorate with them.

Riddle Me treasure hunt riddles make all kinds of activities possible. Halloween is just one party you can use it for, but with so many thousands of riddles and ways to theme a hunt, it’s easy to use Riddle Me over and over again for multiple parties and holidays.

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