How to Make a Haunted Mirror for Halloween

Your little ghouls and goblins are sure to have a great time this Halloween with a Riddle Me scavenger hunt to find things to let them make a haunted mirror! Send your party-goers on a haunted hunt through candle-lit rooms where they have to find treasures (the activity materials) hidden among the spider webs and creepy crawlers!

And, once they get to the end of the hunt, the fun continues as they use the items they collected to make a haunted mirror.

Here’s how to make a haunted mirror

Step 1: Gather all the materials you will need for the spooky mirror. You will need: a picture frame with glass (a gothic-looking frame works great!), tape, Krylon Looking Glass spray paint and a spooky image (you can find these easily on the internet). You will want to print out the image twice – once normally and once inverted (some printers will let you do this, otherwise use a program like MS Paint to flip the image horizontally and save it with a new name).

How to Make a Haunted Mirror

Step 2: Remove the glass from the picture frame. Tape the inverted image face down on the front of the glass.

Making a haunted mirror

Step 3: Flip the glass over and using newspaper or a plastic drop cloth, spray the back of the glass with Krylon Looking Glass paint. Be sure to avoid the areas where you want your image to show through. Let it dry for one hour. (eat your goodies)

Ghostly haunted mirror

Step 4: After it dries, remove the inverted image from the glass. Put the glass back into the frame with the painted side facing the back. Then put the original picture in the frame and replace the backing. You now have a spooky mirror!

A haunted mirror

If you make a haunted mirror for Halloween and you love it, please email me a picture. I’d love to see what you made.

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