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Help Your Kids Remember Your Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt This Year

Childhood should be memorable, but did you know that kids usually remember things best if they involve as many of their senses as possible? The teachers at your children’s school already know this and try to find new ways of teaching every day, in hopes that these new methods will help their students remember the information for a lifetime. For example, one of my kid’s teachers found that her students not only enjoyed learning about the solar system, but could remember it for years, when she taught about the planets by using a catchy song and hand movements. Another favorite teacher now takes time to teach basic math facts by having her class march or hop around the playground as they chant the facts to a set rhythm.

And we all want our kids to have great memories of childhood, right? Try setting up an activity-based Easter celebration this year, and you might just be surprised at how well they remember how you celebrated. This might just be the holiday they remember well into their own adulthood.

A More Memorable Easter Tradition


Looking for an Easter activity your kids will adore and remember?  Being at the top of your parenting game often means searching Pinterest or way too many mom blogs ideas in hopes that you can find an activity that will make your kids think you are the best parent ever. You’ll probably find that there are not many kids who can resist the lure of Easter egg scavenger hunt clues. This year, skip the frantic search for ideas and make an awesome scavenger hunt that your kids are sure to adore.


Setting the Stage


Grabbing your kiddo’s attention is the first and most important part of a scavenger hunt. And what better way to set this particular stage than by making fake Easter Bunny footprints that lead from an exterior door right to your children’s empty Easter baskets?  Simply cut two oval shapes out of a sturdy paper plate for the bunny feet and add three small circles to the top of each oval for the toes.  Then take your plate (stencil), lay it on the floor and dust it gently with flour or baking powder. If you need a little more convincing, a few tufts of separated cotton ball tend to look a lot like Easter bunny fur!


Make it Adorable


While you could use notebook paper and a pen to make clues, it’s super convenient and easy to use an online scavenger hunt creator that will not only let you choose a cute matching or themed background for your clues, it will build the entire hunt for you!  With this program, you can make sure the scavenger hunt clues for Easter are age appropriate for your kids and decide if you want the hunt to be inside the house, outside or a combination of both. You can write your own Easter egg scavenger hunt riddles or take it easy on yourself and use the clues that are already built into the easy-to-use system! Simply select locations from the great list of “typical scavenger hunt locations” and the system will do the rest.


Keep Your Traditions


Having an awesome scavenger hunt does not mean ditching previous traditions.  For instance, if the Easter Bunny typically leaves a pre-filled basket for each child, simply take the items you would have put in the basket and divide them by the number of locations in your hunt. Whether they are eggs, candy, a new outfit or toys, the kids will love solving each new riddle to find them. Try picking out a theme such as “how high can the bunny hop” or “best bunny hidey-holes”.  This way, not only are your kids following the clues, they will talk about the probabilities making the hunt even more memorable.


Add an Activity or Two


Taking more time to have fun with your kids is always the right choice, so why not add some Easter-themed activities into your scavenger hunt? These could be as simple activities such as using egg cartons to create adorable springtime chicks.

For this activity, you will need to set up a small table with the following supplies:

  • Hot glue guns and multi-temp glue sticks
  • Enough egg cartons for each child to have 2 cups for each chick
  • Paintbrushes
  • Yellow craft paint
  • Yellow and orange construction paper with the beak, feet and fluffy head feather outlined
  • Sticker eyeballs or googly eyes
  • Safety scissors

Remember – the less you step in to help with these projects, the more memorable they are for the kids! To build this craft, have the kids cut out two eggs from the carton, then trim the edges so they fit well together. Once the hot glue cools, let them paint the whole thing yellow.  While that dries, let them cut out the beak, feet and head feather. The last step is to glue on each of the paper cutouts, then the adorable eyeballs!

A more complicated project that older children are sure to enjoy is creating a magical string Easter egg. This project will have friends asking how in the world your kids got candy inside an egg with very small openings!

For this project, you will need:

  • Candy to put inside of the egg
  • Water balloons that are roughly the same size as eggs
  • Embroidery thread, yarn or string
  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • A cooking pot
  • A push pin
  • Fine scissors
  • Tweezers

Let your kids start this project by mixing the sugar and water in the cooking pot that is heating up on the stove. You may increase or decrease the amount as needed. Make sure they continue stirring the whole time, so the mixture does not scorch.  Boil the mixture until sugar is completely dissolved, then cool the mixture completely (a freezer works well for this). Once it has cooled, pour the mixture into a shallow container.

Now it is time to hand your child a small balloon and have them put 2-3 small wrapped candies inside. This can be done a little more easily if the balloon has been pulled and stretched first. Now someone needs to blow up and tie the balloon.  Remember – the balloon should look like a real egg – not like a massive sphere!  This is where it gets messy, so a work surface covered by newspaper will help make cleanup a LOT easier.  Unroll the thread, string or yarn you are using and put it into the syrup mixture, then wrap the entire balloon making sure to crisscross the surface well.  You want to be able to see through the egg to the candy after completion, but don’t want the candy to fall out.

Next, hang the egg from a string with newspaper, a paper towel or a plate underneath so it can dry.  This process should take somewhere around 24 hours.  The thread will be hard and feel solid when it has dried enough.  At this point, let your child pop the balloon with a small push pin, then use the tweezers to gently pull out the balloon.

Some people take this to a whole different level of intricacy.

Easter string eggs


An Easter Parenting Win


Whether you are setting up a scavenger hunt to find Easter egg baskets, or to find candy and toys along the way, take time to make this Easter truly Memorable. Oh, and let Riddle Me make it super easy for you to experience a serious parenting win!

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