Fun ideas for the holiday with Easter eggs

Want a fun activity that will make your children excited about Easter eggs this year?

Tired of the same old Easter routine? This year try Riddle Me and give your children an event to remember.

Everyone seems to have a night where they sit down with colored dyes and take hard boiled eggs and have a blast coloring them. But imagine later on, instead of just hiding the Easter eggs and trying to find them, you actually have clues that lead you to the locations of each egg.

Check out this video for some fun Easter egg hunt ideas. Riddle Me software will make your life easy and create a super holiday activity for your children. It’s perfect for your Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt and gives your children a new way to have fun this Easter.

Colored Easter Eggs

Try this for some extra fun. Have each of your children color a dozen eggs (or set up teams). Then create a scavenger hunt using Riddle Me software and hide each child or team’s eggs at the locations generated in the hunt. Put a riddle clue on each egg and let your children try to fill their basket before the other children. Have a prize for the winner and talk about the meaning of Easter.

Click this link for a Christian scripture based Easter Egg hunt.

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