Christmas Tree Scavenger Hunt Activity

It’s time to deck the halls and this Christmas, your little ones can have their very own mini-Christmas trees to display in their bedrooms, playroom, or wherever they want. And the best part is, they’re cheap and super easy to make!

First, send the kids on a fun Christmas scavenger hunt using Riddle Me where they’ll hunt for pine cones and beautiful beads among the Christmas decorations, fake snow and candlelight. Don’t forget to pump some Christmas classics in the background so everyone can dance their way through the hunt! Then when they’re finished hunting, they can use everything they’ve found to make a little Christmas tree that’s just their size!

Here’s how:

Step 1: Gather up all your materials. You will need: pine cones (if you live near a forest that deposits giant pine cones they are perfect for this), glue, green glitter spray paint (you can also use regular green spray paint and separate glitter powder) and a variety of beads or gemstones.

Step 2: Spray the pine cones green with the glitter paint. Or if you’re using regular green paint, spray the pine cones first, let them dry, and then sprinkle them each with glitter. Let dry again.


Step 3: Using craft glue (or a hot glue gun), add beads or gemstones to the pine cones as “ornaments” on the tree. You can also use old jewelry that you’ve hidden along the hunt and let the kids break off the pieces they want to use as decorations. Be creative and mix it up.