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Hello friends,

I appreciate that you’ve been a customer of Riddle Me, some of you for many years. My goal has always been to provide good clean family fun to build relationships at home. My hope is you will get a lot of value from this as well.

Seven years ago I started a website to help families have meaningful discussions at dinner together. Shortly after, tragedy struck our family and a lot of things got set aside for a while. Now we’re getting back into it and I wanted to share this with you.

Studies show that the #1 factor in preventing risky behavior in children is the number of times each week you have family dinner together. The more, the better.

Life gets crazy. Unless we make dinnertime a priority, we sometimes eat in stages separately.

This does nothing to build family relationships and actually signals it’s OK to isolate, especially if someone thinks there might be a difficult or contentious discussion awaiting at dinner…

The solution is to never bring up anything negative at dinner and make it a time for positive, fun, and informative conversations.

By strengthening relationships at dinner, children are more likely to let you have serious conversations with them in private later on.

DinnerDiscussions.com is designed to help you have a wide variety of interesting discussions at dinner. There’s something for everyone of all ages and there’s a lot more content coming.

Even if you don’t subscribe (and I hope you will since it’s free), please look around and read the guidelines page and our short e-book, Make Mealtime Meaningful: Your Guide to Transforming Family Meals into Cherished Memories.” These resources will help you have better conversations at dinner to strengthen family relationships and build unity in your home. You can get the guide here:


Oak Norton

P.S. I hope you’ll share the site with others too.

P.S.S. I know we haven’t had a major update to Riddle Me for a while, but we have been working to release more riddles and objects into the database. You may not notice it, but there’s more coming.

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