Riddle Me Scavenger Hunt Clues

Riddle Me Scavenger Hunt

Hello Riddle Me fans,

Want a terrifyingly fun time for Halloween? Renew your Riddle Me membership and give your kids and friends something exciting to do this season!

We had some “tricks” in our software earlier this year, but we got those straightened out.  Sorry if you experienced any of the bugs. Now it’s my turn to give you a “treat” for your Halloween planning.

If you’re ready to renew and have an awesome Halloween and Christmas season, use “Spooky” as a coupon code on the website to get 20% off a membership renewal.


If you’ve just recently joined, welcome to the Riddle Me family. Feel free to use the code to extend your membership with a discount.

If you’re looking for some fun Halloween ideas, here’s a few.


Whether or not you use them, it’s super easy to use Riddle Me to create a fun Halloween adventure around your home. Renew today and get your holiday party ready early.


Oak “The Riddler” Norton

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