Teen Scavenger Hunt Riddles

Teen Scavenger Hunt Riddles

teen scavenger hunt riddles“Mom…I’m bored…” Dreaded words whined from a teenager’s lips.

As any parent knows, the most frustrating teenager is a bored teenager, especially during a break from routine. Oftentimes, mere days into summer vacation, the latest video game has been conquered, the stack of newest magazines or books have been read, the boyfriend or girlfriend is out of town, and how can Mom or Dad engage this particularly tough audience? Challenge them to teen scavenger hunt riddles!

Riddle Me software’s teen scavenger hunt riddles are a quick and easy solution to teens’ boredom. Within minutes—the time it takes a teen to contact all of the friends in her cell phone or listed in her Facebook account—you can create an event, send electronic invites, and print customized hunt clues for an awesome boredom-buster. The steps to end boredom are fast and easy:

  1. Set up your event in the Scavenger Hunt Settings. Determine the average age range of your participants, and how many items they will be searching for.
  2. Next, determine the type of Scavenger Hunt. You can do a riddle clue hunt around your home, or a more traditional list of scavenger hunt items including an option to create a Service Project Hunt or Food Drive Hunt where teenagers can give back to their community. Additionally, technological teens will enjoy the challenge of a Digital Camera Hunt.
  3. If you chose the riddle hunt, choose your hunt details such as location (inside, outside, or both), participants’ ages, how many clues the hunt should include, where the hunt should end, and a background image for your clues.
  4. Then just generate the hunt and customize it with optional activities at each location of the hunt such as icebreaker get to know you questions, or crazy things the players can do for fun.
  5. Print out your clues; cut them out, and then tape them in the appropriate places printed at the top edge of the clues.
  6. Let the hunt begin!

These adventures are perfect for teenagers since the clues are customizable, and you can add optional activities at clue locations, such as doing something physical (like push ups) or being silly (like making goofy faces or singing the next line of a popular song).

But teen scavenger hunt riddles are so much more than summertime fun. Create travel bingo sheets for long drives, be it a family vacation or a college visit! Engage teens in planning their own Riddle Me scavenger hunts and inviting their friends.

Visit www.riddleme.com and test it for yourself. With a 60-day guarantee, parents risk nothing by trying Riddle Me Treasure and Scavenger Hunt software, and they will ultimately save time and money, challenging their “bored” teens to a fun, interactive, and engaging riddle hunt!

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