Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Mom’s Helpers – Scavenger Hunt Clean Up the House

Got bored kids who don’t want to do their chores? Try one of these scavenger hunt ideas using Riddle Me to make household cleaning fun and engaging.

  1. Using the home inventory, select locations you would like cleaned. Then give each child a clue to one of the locations. Have them find the location, clean it and return for another clue.
  2. Using the service scavenger hunt, create a list of “services” for each child (or make your own).
  3. Give each child their list and time them to see how quickly they can finish their list.

Home Safety Scavenger Hunt

Make a list of important things around your home that you would want to get in an emergency or might need in an emergency. Riddle Me‘s built in home safety scavenger hunt is one list you can pull items from like fire extinguishers, water and gas shut off valves, etc… Tell your kids that you are going to do a quick drill and tell them that a pretend accident has occurred such as an earthquake, chemical spill, etc… Tell them to find all the items on their list and then pack a bag in 10 minutes so that they have enough clothing and necessaries to survive for 3 days. Then set them in action.

Printable Nature Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Log into your Riddle Me account and make a fun nature scavenger hunt for your kids of things they have to find in the great outdoors. Have all the children be detectives looking for different items such as certain rocks, flowers, or animals. Once you find each item, you could help the children learn one thing interesting thing about it.

Digital Photo Collage Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Digital Photo Scavenger HuntAnother great scavenger hunt idea is to make a list of conceptual photo items from Riddle Me’s digital photo hunt list. (You will have to select the 12+ age group to access conceptual items. You may have to use the substitution feature to get all the items to be conceptual.)

Have each child take a picture of something that they think fits that concept. On their list of items have them write what they have selected so they will remember. Have the pictures printed so the children can make a collage of them. They could write near the picture what it represents. It will be fun to compare how each child thought of things differently.

Some examples are:

Conceptual – permanent (could be an earth feature)

Conceptual -warning (could be a stop sign or a person wildly waving their arms)

conceptual – half (could be a sliced apple or the half of a person standing behind a tree with only part of themselves visible)

There are lots of fun ideas built into Riddle Me. The riddle clue hunts are the most popular, but traditional scavenger hunt ideas like these are sure to be a blast as well.


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