Sample Treasure Hunt Clue

Sample Treasure Hunt Clue Examples

Years ago when we created Riddle Me software it was partly because we were looking for a sample treasure hunt clue to use to construct a hunt for our daughter’s birthday party. It’s a ton of work to make your own riddle hunts! After we the treasure hunt activity, we thought it would be cool if we could make something fun to help other parents save time and money.

We built the first version of Riddle Me as downloadable software with 90 objects and 750 age appropriate riddles. Coming up with that many clues was a challenge, but it was fun too. Now the product has grown 10 times as large. There are over 7,500 riddle clues and nearly 1,000 objects.

If you came here looking for a sample treasure hunt clue to construct your own party activity, take a look at this list to see how we scale the clues. This may help you make your own hunt, or you may want save the time and effort and join Riddle Me and see how much easier it can make your life. You can still add your own riddles to the hunt but we’ve done a lot of work to make this easy for you.

Sample Treasure Hunt Clues for Kids: a Toaster

Age 3: Where do you make toast?
Age 4: When you want toast, where do you go?
Age 5: You’ll love this the most if you like toast.
Age 6: I don’t mean to boast, but I make great _____.
Age 7: Rhymes with coaster and makes a breakfast food.
Age 8: Set my dial, push me down, when I come up, I’m nice and brown.
Age 9: I can make white or wheat into a healthy crispy treat.
Age 10: Dark or light, wheat or white, butter or jam, but never spam.
Age 11-12: There’s no weasel inside of me but I pop up top when you’re ready to eat.
Age Teen (13): The heat’s intense, I’m so confined, if I don’t jump, I’ll lose my mind.
Age Adult/Expert: What once was soft has now turned hard, the light of my life illuminates your decay.

sample treasure hunt clue for a doorOnce you customize a hunt in Riddle Me you print out sheets of clue cards (PDF files you can keep), cut them out (6 per page). Get the players out of the area for a few minutes while you tape them where it says to on the top edge of each card, and then start the hunt. Clues lead to the next location and you can add fun activities to the bottom of each card for players to do something fun along the way. You can customize those activities as well to go along with your party. With Riddle Me scavenger hunt software, you don’t have to look all over for a sample scavenger hunt clue, we’ve got your activity ready to go.

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